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Talking Filibuster

Talking Filibuster

Source: CBS News: Timothy Noah- History of The Filibuster

I can’t help but think about how differently todays so-called Progressives would think of the Senate filibuster. If a different party were in charge in the U.S. Senate and how differently this same political faction thought back in 2005. When we had a Republican President and a Republican Congress including a Republican Senate in that Congress. The last Republican Senate we’ve had, which is a good thing at least from my perspective. And then Senate Leader Bill Frist was considering amending the filibuster by majority-rule to end filibusters of. Executive appointments including judicial nominees and of course Senate Democrats like. Then Minority Leader Harry Reid and Senator Chuck Schumer were claiming about abuse of power in that debate. Ending minority-rights and so forth. What people who follow American politics tend to forget or not be aware of. Is that before Harry Reid became Senate Leader he was the Minority Leader and one of the most effective Minority Leaders we’ve seen at least in the. Senate because he knew how to keep his caucus inline to block Republican legislation.

One of the things I do not like about American politics and why Congress has such a low approval rating. Is the short sightedness on both sides. The debates and political battles have become so childish. Partisans on both sides always look for the short-term advantage to advance their partisan political agendas. Apparently not aware of or not caring that short-term advantages comes with long-term prices. That when you have an advantage while in power, you can see that advantage become a disadvantage. The next time you are out of power. Which is what this ending the filibuster debate on the Left is. For Leftist partisans looking for a short-term advantage to advance their partisan political agenda. Not aware of or not caring about the consequences that could come from that short-term advantage. Which is why I do not take this ending the filibuster debate from partisans on either side seriously.

Do I doubt that Senate Republicans if they were take control of the Senate in the next Congress. Which is very realistic at this point will call for ending or amending the filibuster. Of course not especially since they will also be eying a Republican President and complete control of Congress by 2017. But that doesn’t mean what some Democrats want to do today with the filibuster is right either. It just means there’s a lot of short-sightedness and a lack of leadership on both sides.


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