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Source: Alamy Stock Photo– Dyan Cannon & Willie Nelson 

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Take Dyan Cannon out of Honeysuckle Rose and I have absolutely no interest in this movie. And maybe that’s just because I’m not a fan of country music or rural culture in general, except of course for country girls and cowgirls. I do like them for obvious reasons. Dyan is an example of a woman who is so attractive and so much fun to look at and be around, that she can bring guys at least to the movie or to watch the movie all by herself. She’s so funny, so adorable, gorgeous at any age in her life and still baby-face adorable as well and sexy. Talking about a woman in Dyan Cannon her late seventies was still wearing skinny denim jeans in boots, as if she was half her age or stealing from her granddaughter’s wardrobe or something.


Source: Warner Brothers– Hollywood Goddess Dyan Cannon 

There are a few funny scenes in like early in the movie where it’s Willie Nelson’s first night back from his last road trip and they’re in the kitchen together with their son about to have desert and Dyan is about to serve whatever they’re eating and Willie takes some of it and rubs it on Dyan’s blouse and the kid starts laughing and Willie throws some of the stuff on him and then Dyan gets into the act and rubs whatever they’re supposed to be eating on both Willie and the kid and it turns into a food fight.

Another scene where Willie is just getting back and they’re checking each other out in their skin-tight jeans and saying things like those pants are really tight, but you fit so well into them. And they’re on the bed together as this is going on and start wrestling. Another scene where Dyan is doing sit-ups in their living room again in her skin-tight jeans and western boots. There cute funny moments like that, but a lot of this movie is really about Willie having an affair with the new female backup singer ( played by Amy Irving ) in his band a woman perhaps young enough to be Dyan’s daughter, but the new girl is not as attractive as his wife in the movie. Not as sexy, not as pretty, not as cute even, just 15-20 years younger than Dyan Cannon. Perhaps Willie has some other connection with her that wasn’t sexual.

There moments like that which is just laid out that give the movie maybe 40 solid minutes of time. Along with Willie and Dyan singing together in the movie. They both have great voices and chemistry in the movie. But for the most part the only reasons why I’m watching it is to see Dyan Cannon in it. To observe and listen to her. All her adorable facial expressions and her Hollywood Hall of Fame laugh and great body.


Source: Warner Brothers: Honeysuckle Rose 1980- Trailer– Hollywood Goddess Dyan Cannon


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PJ Buchanan

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

The world that Pat Buchanan was talking about and advocating for in this 1988 interview, simply doesn’t exist anymore and we were moving away from it in 1988 if not only escaped from there by then. Gays, no longer live in the closet. African-Americans, have just as much right to vote and are treated the same as Caucasian-Americans now. Women, now work and hold very responsible jobs, making good money, running and managing their own business’s. The music is much different and much more open about life. Americans, now have the freedom and feel the freedom to be themselves. Which is Americans and individuals and we live our lives the way we want to. Not how Pat Buchanan and other Christian-Conservatives feel we should live.

The 1950s, was great for America in many ways. We were not just the economic superpower of the world, but became the number one military and diplomatic power in the world. This was post-World War II where our economy boomed and our infrastructure system boomed as a result. But the problem with this era was that many Americans didn’t benefit from these American advances. Not because of anything that they did, but because of how they were born. Their complexion, their race, their ethnicity, their religion, their gender. Not because they were, or could be any less productive than Anglo-Saxon Protestant men. What the 1960s and the 1980s brought to America, was true individual freedom. Both from a personal and economic standpoint.

If you watch this video, think you see Pat Buchanan, essentially acknowledging what I’m arguing here. That the America that he grew up with in the 1950s simply no longer exists. And when he was asked, “do you want to use government to bring that America back?” He answered truthfully and honestly and said he doesn’t believe that, because its simply not possible. Which is a very practical answer and the correct answer. As far as the 1988 presidential election, you had Vice President George H.W. Bush, for the Republican Party. Who represented President Ronald Reagan and his policies in that election. Going up against Governor Michael Dukakis, who represented the New America and the direction that America has been moving to ever since.
Remember This-C-SPAN: Pat Buchanan- Biography, Apartheid, Culture War, Foreign Policy, Free Trade: 1988 Interview

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Source: Ryan Minor

Source: Ryan Minor: George Carlin on Individuality

If you look at the hippie movement with the Baby Boomers in the 1960s and early 1970s. And then the me revolution of the 1980s from again the Baby Boomers. Both social movements are about the same thing and they were fighting to be able to live their own lives. Just that the hippie movement was about social liberty, the ability for individuals to live their own lives as they see fit as long as they are not hurting anyone else with their freedom.

And the me revolution was about economic liberty the ability for individuals to work as hard and be as productive as they can. And then be able to collect most of the benefits from their hard work and production. Both of these social movements were about individual liberty and individualism. Two things as a Liberal Democrat myself that I believe strongly in and two of the best decades we’ve ever had as a country.

These two social movements were about expanding individual liberty in America, with civil rights and the laws that came about that from the 1960s. And individuals living their own lives as they want to, not feeling the need to to have to conform to the establishment. Great decade to be a rebel to wear your hair long, grow beards and mustaches, wear tight denim jeans with boots. If you’re Jim Morrison the Lizard King, you’re wearing skin-tight leather jeans with a leather jacket and cowboy boots. All the time with long hair and other people men and women picked up on that look. Not feeling the need to wear dress suits wherever they go, but to dress as they please. What makes them happy.

The 1980s was a decade where business suits became popular and stylish again, but in a certain way so you don’t look like a preppy schmuck, but you put the time and effort in your business wardrobe. Worked your butt off during the week and partied hard on the weekends and enjoyed the benefits of your good work. With the money that came from it and another great decade to be an individual with style as well, as we saw a revolution of tight denim and leather with both designer denim and leather jeans for men and women

The 1980s was a great decade for economic liberty great decade to work in if you have the skills to be productive. The 1960s was a great decade for social liberty, the 1980s was a great decade for economic liberty. Put them together and bam! You have a great sandwich known as individual liberty. With people constantly looking for new ways to express themselves from a social and economic point of view. Without feeling the need to conform to society. The 1970s we can basically chop up, except for Hollywood with great movies, sports and to a certain extent fashion and sexuality as nightmare from hell, a horror movie, if you will. That would be a great time to forget with a case of scotch and a pack of marijuana.

The 1960s and 1980s was a horrible time to be an authoritarian or a collectivist, a believer in the establishment. Someone who believes all people should be the same based on the rules that the majority. Or a powerful elite put down and that if you go outside these rules, you’re the devil and immoral. “Look at that asshole doing what makes him happy, how dare him, he’s supposed to be like a mummy or puppet like the rest of us, there’s no rom for individuals in our society”. Right, wrong not in a liberal democracy where people have the right to live their own lives and be as happy as they can.


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