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The way I look at Catholics and Christians in general when it comes to terrorists and other bad apples like child molesters, is the way I look at Muslims in this sense. There are roughly two-billion Muslims in the world, maybe a hundred-thousand of them are terrorists. You could do a lot with a military of a hundred-thousand especially if you’re a mid-size country. But out of two-billon people that is not much of an army when it comes to percentages. The overwhelmingly majority of Muslims in the world are peaceful people. Who may have far-right cultural views, but not to the point they’re willing to kill themselves and others to express those views. I’m not Catholic, even though a lot of Germans American and otherwise are Catholic or Lutheran, but most Catholics are good moral people. The sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church in the early and mid two-thousands, was a horrible scandal with a lot of people hurt badly. But if that scandal represented Catholicism in general, we would see a lot more people come forward and share their abuse stories at the hands of Catholic priests and other Catholic leaders. Chris Hitchens and to a certain extent Bill Maher, are guilty of over-generalizing here.


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I hate to break this to anyone who might read this who is not a fan of Ann Coulter and even seriously dislikes her and that might be when they are feeling very generous on high on pot. But I have to call them as I see them. Well strike that! I’m choosing to call this as I see it. Ann Coulter actually made two good points on this show. And those might have been the only two good points that she made in all of 2004.

A reason why John Kerry lost to George W. Bush in 2004, which was like the 1972 Miami Dolphins losing to the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and you’re not a football fan, look up the records of those two teams, is because President Bush was seen as honest and straight with American voters. “Hey President Bush might have an IQ below zero, but at least I know where he is on the issues”. With John Kerry, “he sounds like a smart guy who didn’t need his father to get through Yale or his girlfriend to do his homework for him. But what the hell does he believe on anything controversial, like the Iraq War?”

The other good point that Ann Coulter AKA The Giraffe because her neck is longer than her arms, is about the whole President Bush staying at the Florida school for a few extra minutes after he was informed about the 9/11 attacks scene. Only the Far-Left that Bill Maher apparently fell into, has an issue about that. If he suddenly got up and left the school, people there would know something is up right away and there might have been a panic. Also no one at the time knew when and where the next attack was coming from and where it was going to hit. President Bush’s best spot at least at that moment was to stay there at least for a little while longer. And then maybe take off because they need to be back in Washington for an unplanned meeting or something.

So before you accuse me of always bashing Ann Coulter, first of all I don’t write about her everyday. Because if I did I would always have a migraine headache or flu from having to listen to her. So you can’t say I always bash her anyway. The other reason being I just gave her credit for two points, which would be four points in basketball unless one of the shots was a three-pointer. But The Giraffe couldn’t hit a free with a baseball bat, or the basket was the size of an ocean. So I give her credit for two layups and you can’t say I don’t give her credit for anything.
Bush V Kerry

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Crooks and Liars: Opinion: Heather: Bill Maher Floats Notion of Maximum Wage on New Rules Segment 

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This is where so-called Progressives, and I use that term loosely for a good reason, as I would call race car drivers athletes, especially when the person making fun of billionaires just happens to be worth 50 to 100 million dollars. Bill Maher didn’t get rich by being a Socialist but by working hard and having a skill, talent, and mind that have made him so successful that he could retire today in his late fifties and probably never work again. He didn’t get rich by government giving him most of the services and money he needed to be successful.

I can understand people having a problem with the extremely rich having so much compared with the people who are very to extremely poor. But the answer should be about empowering people at the very bottom, close to the bottom, or barely in the middle so they can be successful and not worry about how they will cover their basic necessities, let alone bills, simple things like paying for dinner and so forth instead of putting down people for being successful. You become successful through marketable talents and skills.

Someone worth 50 to 100 million dollars pouncing on billionaires is like compulsive liars deriding spin doctors for being dishonest or alcoholics deriding narcotic addicts. The hypocrisy is as obvious as knowing water is wet, not to put your finger in a moving fan, or not to jump in front of a moving truck, etc.  A blind person could see that if you make an argument like that, perhaps Bill should admit he makes too much money and should either give a lot of it back or donate all of it to charity or to Uncle Sam.

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Elliot SpitzerSource: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times

What Representative Paul Ryan Chairman of the Budget Committee tried to do in the last Congress and so far in this Congress in writing the House Republican budget plan and then passing it in the Republican House in the last Congress and in this Congress that the Democratic Senate rejected in the last Congress and in this Congress last month, was an attempt at least on paper to balance the Federal budget. By only concentrating on around 15-20% of the Federal budget.

And most of those cuts coming from non-Social Security and Medicare social-insurance programs. And if you saw Bill Maher in this video someone who I normally disagree with layout, Chairman Ryan attempts to balance the budget by going after the small appetizers or side dishes. Imagine a meal consisting of steak, mashed potatoes and lets say a caesar salad, good meal right, instead of targeting the meat of the meal or even the potatoes the stuff that fills people up in the meal normally, what Chairman Ryan goes after a couple of leafs in the meal. “Big meal with too much food, we are going to take away a couple of leafs and call it fat reduction instead of deficit reduction.”

The meat and potatoes in the United States Government’s budget is defense, Social Security, Medicare and to a certain extent Medicaid. And then there are a bunch of public assistance programs of around one trillion dollars or so that aid workers who do not make enough money. Or are unemployed. Which is why I believe Paul Ryan and his followers are as interested in deficit reduction, as the typical career politician lets say House or Senate is interested in raising taxes or cutting Social Security during an election year when they are up for reelection. Another words not at all.

That if they were serious about deficit reduction, then they would write and pass a plan that solves the problem by going at the meat of the Federal budget. And not just picking away at salad leaves in it. Chairman Ryan is right I believe about the seriousness of the debt and deficit, but is not ready to solve the problems. If I’m starving and its late at night and I haven’t had anything to eat all day, I don’t snack on a couple of crackers thinking my hunger will go away. I make myself a meal or buy one. The same thing with deficit reduction, that if you are serious about the budget you go where the meat is. Or in this case the money and you cut back in areas where you can afford to save money. That will help you solve the problem.

HBO: Real Time With Bill Maher- The Paul Ryan Budget- 2011

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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times

Ben Affleck, taking another stand for Big Government!

I could just imagine him running for office as a wannabe politician and imagine what his campaign message would be. He would say something to the effect, “if you think you have too much freedom and privacy in your life and have too many decisions to make, vote for Ben Affleck. Because I would support policies to take all of that freedom and privacy away from you.

“Vote for Ben Affleck and you won’t even have to worry about your private parts being to private. Because I would appoint Dick Grabbing to run TSA for us. And he would take care of that for you. And he and his Dick Grabbers will be there to make sure your private parts are never too private at the airport.”

Now imagine that for a campaign theme. Americans For Big Government and the Nanny State Alliance and Americans For Outlawing Freedom and Privacy, would endorse Mr. Affleck faster than snow melts in Los Angeles in July.Paul J. Watson: Real Time With Bill Maher- Ben Afflecks Defends TSA Dick Grabbing


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