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If you’re familiar with The Billionaire Boys Club that was lead by Joe Hunt in the early and mid 1980s that was based on Los Angeles, the Anna Delvey story should sound familiar. Except that Anna Delvey was not an investor not even a fake investor like the BBC and Delvey hasn’t murdered and spending the rest of her life in prison. What’s she’s apparently guilty of is scamming rich New Yorkers out of their money. Looks like she was supporting herself by just hanging out and partying with rich New Yorkers. With not a real job or income of her own.


Source:The Cut– Anna Delvey 

What she does have in common with Joe Hunt and the BBC is this need to be seen with what’s known as the beautiful people. Very attractive, sexy successful, hip yuppies in New York who have the best of everything when it comes to material. The best looking and most expensive clothing, best homes, cars, go to the best restaurants, hang out and party with the most popular people, as is she’s part of this crowd and his also a very successful yuppie in New York as well. When the fact the only thing she has in common with these people is a need to be seen living this lifestyle with these people. But someone on her own would struggle to pay for gas in her car and pay for a motel room at the Motel Six or some other place. Perhaps Bob’s Motel and Diner in New Brunswick, New Jersey or whatever the location.


Source:The Cut– Anna Delvey on the right and a friend? 

The main problem that Ann Delvey had is that she had first class expensive taste, but with an income that couldn’t even pay for a coach seat. The way she paid for her first class lifestyle was by convincing some I guess some seriously gullible New Yorkers that she was also very successful and wealthy on her own. Perhaps these people believe in Santa Clause as well and not sure about who murdered President John Kennedy. You would think people for their educational and professional backgrounds, would be smart enough to not get fooled by someone like this. And just see her as a wannabe celebrity party girl, groupie ( to use another term ) and just blow her off, but that didn’t happen here.

Vanity Fair: How NYC’s Richest Socialites Were Scammed By Anna Delvey


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Source: A&E

Source: This piece was originally posted at The Daily Review

I doubt I’m the only person who has done this but for the last 10-20 years or so but I’ve been wondering why a somewhat normal seeming man like David Berkowitz would decide to go out and simply murder people in New York City or anywhere else. Not to look for justification for those murders and of course there are no justifiable murders. Murder by definition- the intentional taking of innocent human life by definition is a crime. The worst crime you could commit against anyone. Calling a murder justifiable would be like calling a cheeseburger a hot dog, a slice of pizza a peanut butter sandwich. Its simply not believable on its face.

But I’ve been wanting to know why would a somewhat innocent looking and normal intelligent man who had a good job and was able to support himself even if he was somewhat lonely and isolated, why would this person go out and decide to murder as many 10-20 innocent people and perhaps more. What would drive a normal productive man to go out and murder all of those innocent people for no apparent reason and why after being found sane and able to stand trial for his murders how would a serial murderer like David Berkowitz (the self-proclaim Son of Sam) avoid the death penalty. The death penalty is for people who murder multiple people and get some pleasure from that.

Again, this doesn’t justify what David Berkowitz did and I’ not anti-military or even anti-war, but David Berkowitz joined the U.S. Army right after high school in the early 1970s and discovered early on that he was very good with guns. He wasn’t even in the Vietnam War but instead was sent to South Korea to join the forces there that was protecting the South from Communist North Korea. I believe Berkowitz discovered that he was good with guns and good at shooting people and perhaps even discovered that he enjoyed doing it. He gets an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army in 1974 and comes back to New York City where he grew up in the 1950s and 1960s and discovers that he’s alone and doesn’t fit in where he grew up.

What the Son of Sam means to me and I’m obviously not David Berkowitz’s biographer, is that he saw himself as the Son of Uncle Sam. This mythical character that is supposed to represent the U.S. Government and generally what most people believe and I’m one of them, represents what big government looks like in America. Americans who hate high taxes and over centralization of government, the War on Drugs, invasion of privacy, to use as examples. Not to say that Berkowitz hates big government, but I believe he saw it as his duty and was trained to murder people on the behalf of Uncle Sam as what he called himself The Son of Sam. Which is my little theory of why David Berkowitz did what he did.

A&E: Naomi Ekperigin- Infamopus Killers: David Berkowitz- The Son of Sam

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ShamusSource: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat Plus

To be completely honest with you, I watched Shamus because Dyan Cannon and Burt Reynolds were in it. Two of my favorite actors and one of the best comedic duos you could ever put together. Dyan, is so adorable, as well as sexy, gorgeous and then she’s also a hell of an actress and one of the funniest actress’s who has ever lived. They especially make a great male/female comedy duo. And they were both great in this movie, but they were great together. Not saying the movie wasn’t a good movie. Because it is a very entertaining and good action/comedy. Especially when you consider that Dyan, Burt, and Joe Santos, are the only names in the movie. The only well-known actors who’ve had long successful careers.

Shamus, is about a very good, but perhaps not a very well-known Brooklyn private detective. But someone who is very good at his job who have very good and useful friends and references. Who is hired by a New York crime boss played by Ron Weygand to find out who robbed one his jewelry stores. Shamus McCoy, played by the great Burt Reynolds, perhaps the best action/comedic actor who has ever lived, takes the job, but is suspicious of his new client right away. And digs up dirt on his client to find out what he’s about and who would rob them and why. Another crime group separate from Shamus’s client, somehow finds out quickly that Shamus is working for the man they just robbed. And try to get him off the case, if not put him out of business all together.

Dyan Cannon, plays the sister of one of the people who this group robbed. And Shamus uses her to get to her brother and his connections. That have all of these things that the group has stole and wants to steal more of. Including military surplus equipment. Shamus decides that his new and only wealthy client is no longer worth working for. And ends up taking Alexis, played by Dyan as his new client. Because she wants to know who is trying to hurt her brother. This is a fairly complicated movie and fairly violent movie as well. Where Shamus is not the Devil or the Saint in the movie. And uses a lot of ruthless and abusive tactics to solve the case. Even though he doesn’t have a full-time client in the movie. And is an interesting and funny action/drama. With a lot of humor in it, mostly coming from Burt. Who of course is a master smartass.

Sorry Haterss Canal: Shamus 1973 Theatrical Trailer

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This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

Governor Nelson Rockefeller Republican from New York, trying to get President Lyndon Johnson to give him some public assistance from the Federal level to deal with some small business issues and problems that were going on in New York City. Perhaps having to deal with riots or other social unrest the city was going through in the mid and late 1960s. Which was a rough time for New York during this period with high crime and high poverty and other issues dealing with social unrest in a city of roughly eight-million people that was crucial to the whole State of New York.
Nelson Rockefeller

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Nanny State

The Fiscal Times: Opinion: Edward Morrissey: Why Michael Bloomberg’s Nanny Campaign Will Fail

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This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

New York, New York, what a city.  Trust me, that sounds funnier with my fake New York accent than it does with my fake Philadelphia accent, for some reason.  New York might be the only big city in America except, perhaps, San Francisco that produces popular politicians who believe that it’s their duty to protect their constituents from themselves.  And that they do not get any negative political feedback as a result.

Maybe New Yorkers believe that they are too dumb to decide for themselves what or how much food and drink they should consume or whether or not they should smoke or when they should go to bed. Should they be able to smoke marijuana or have to go to jail for their own good if they do smoke or possess marijuana. Should they be allowed to look at pornography or not? Should they be able to gamble their own money or not?  What’s the next NYC prohibition, sex before marriage or sex with someone of the same sex?

Only in New York and perhaps San Francisco could big city politicians get away with trying to micro-manage the lives of their constituents. Just about everywhere else they would be seen for what they are which are nanny statists. You think the welfare state is too much government. Well some of those high taxes you would pay would also be directed towards the nanny state. Having cops on the street to put people to bed at night or take cigarettes or Doritos out of their mouths does not come for free.

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Nanny Statist

Nanny Statist

▶ What Legacy Does Mayor Mike Bloomberg Leave For The Next Mayor of NYC? – YouTube.

I wouldn’t live in New York City for many reasons even though I acknowledge it is a great city. But when you think of big government, New York City and perhaps the State of New York more. Broadly have to be places you look at first and since this is about Mike Bloomberg I’ll focus there.

When I think of big government as a Liberal, I think of a government that believes it knows best how individuals should live their own lives. Better than them to the point it believes that it should protect people to the point of even protecting people from themselves. And I’ll take that a step further to stay that big governmentalist’s which is not a real word I. Don’t think but statists are people who support big government to the point that they will not only try to protect people from themselves. But to the point that they’ll arrest people even for their own good to save people from themselves. Prohibition perfect example, the War on Drugs and War on Marijuana in New York. It might be a safe big city now but you still have thousands of people who are either in the New York City jails or New York state prisons. Because they were arrested for smoking or being in possession of pot or other illegal narcotics. Rather than being in jail for hurting innocent people and then go to the War on Pornography in New York and I’m talking about adult pornography. Go to stop and frisk where you can be stopped because you meet a certain racial criteria.

But there’s more with Mayor Bloomberg’s prohibition bonanza with the attempted prohibition. Of soft drinks from 2012 that was ruled unconstitutional this summer along with how NYC enforces stop and frisk. Had the soft drink ban gone through, what would be next, prohibition of junk food and tobacco. Perhaps alcohol later down the road, it looks like Mayor Bloomberg ran out of time to fully protect New Yorker’s from themselves. But these are just some of the issues as it relates to personal freedom. New York is one of the highest taxed cities in the country. Yet its unemployment and poverty levels are higher than the national average. And their education system isn’t very good either. So if I was a New Yorker the obvious question would be what are my tax dollars going to pay for. Prohibition of unhealthy personal behavior and protecting adult New Yorker’s from themselves. Where does that budget of seventy-billion dollars go to.

There is a famous phrase from Professor Milton Friedman and no I’m not a Libertarian. But Milton did have a good deal of common sense and one of his phrases was. You can’t have security without liberty and in New York’s case where the city is more safe with less crime. But where liberty is has been lost and where New Yorker’s have to look out for their own government. And must always be on their best behavior or risk being pulled over and stop. So safer from individual criminals. But now having to look out for big government.

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“To me Ali-Frazier 1 from 1971, the fight that was not only for the World Heavyweight Championship of boxing, was the boxing Super Bowl o…”

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times

To me Ali-Frazier 1 from 1971, the fight that was not only for the World Heavyweight Championship of boxing, was the boxing Super Bowl of the 1970s. But it was also the start of I believe the best heavyweight rivalry at least of the 1970s, by perhaps the two best boxers of this generation, and it really was the closest thing to a Super Bowl that boxing has ever come. If you consider where the event was which was at Madison Square Garden in New York and all of the people who saw this event, this was huge for not only the two boxers in this event, but also for boxing itself.

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