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All The Kings Men

Broderick Crawford

Source: SPPN: All The Kings Men

I think the best way to describe Huey Long aka Louisiana Kingfish would be compared him with the recently deceased President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez. Even though Huey was a lot more Democratic than Hugo and believed in a greater deal of freedom. But they were both basically dictators who were corrupt who meant well and wanted to do good things. But weren’t really cutout to be chief executives and people with strong Progressive-Socialist leanings.

Both Huey and Hugo spoke about share the wealth and Social Justice, but wanted as much power as possible even centralized all the power with them to do these good works for the people. Huey Long was clearly a Democrat as far as party and politically and believed in democracy except when it went against him. And Hugo Chavez was a Socialist, but certainly not a Democratic Socialist.

Hugo was not a full-blooded Communist like Fidel Castro, but probably more like Neo-Communist. Someone who allowed for political opposition and a certain level of economic and personal freedom, but someone with strong dictatorial leanings as well. Huey was probably more Democratic than Hugo, but politically they were similar.


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Huey Long

Share the Wealth

Source: AJ Fowler: Huey Long- Share The Wealth

The progressive or even socialist side of Huey Long coming out that basically no one is entitled to a certain amount of money in society. Other than to meet their basic needs even if they create all of that money for themselves. Not sure if Huey was supporting let’s say an excise-tax on wealthy individuals to give to the people who do not have enough money or not.

With this excise tax going to government and then government decides how much money individuals need which is part of the socialist philosophy of there shouldn’t be any rich, middle or poor people and that it’s the job of the central government to prevent that from happening. That the central government should collect the nation’s resources and then give them back based on what they believe people need to live well.

And the central government does this by basically collecting most of the resources in society and then giving that money back to people based on what it believes that people need to live well. I’ll look it up in the future to see if that’s what Senator Huey Long believed in. But from this video he did seem to believe that it was it was unfair for a few people to be so rich while others are struggling. And that government should play a bigger role to see that no one is poor and perhaps no one is rich.

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Source: Daniel JB Mitchell: Huey Long Seen as Threat to FDR in The 1930s

Franklin Roosevelt and Huey Long were very similar Progressive Democrats in that they were both economic Progressives who believed in things like infrastructure investment funded by the public and making American capitalism work for more people. But there were several differences in the two and they mostly resulted around character.

Franklin had a lot of it and wasn’t a corrupt man or a corrupt politician looking to become some dictator over the United States. Huey was exactly that, but a dictator over Louisiana first as Governor where he basically ran the whole state under his leadership and when he left the Louisiana governors mansion to serve in Congress as a Senator, he was still running Louisiana.

But now Huey Long as a U.S. Senator had more national power and since these two men were similar ideologically at least on economic-policy, President Roosevelt saw Senator Long as a threat to his leadership and power and someone who needed to be put down. But Huey Long would’ve gone down anyway because of his lifestyle and how he carried himself in office.

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Source: C-SPAN: LCV Cities Tour Baton Rouge- Governor Huey Long

Huey Long was all about power for his entire political career.

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Broderick Crawford as Willie Stark

Source: Dread Not: Willie Stark’s Speech in All The Kings Men, 1949

One of the best speeches ever from a political movie, because it was so real. Because it sounded not so political with a man talking to the people where he came from and how he grew up. And his whole background rather than trying to convince people of how great the country and state is and how patriotic he was and everything. What Willy Stark was doing instead was telling the people the plain truth and telling them that things aren’t that great right now. Too many people in poverty without enough food, the roads aren’t good enough for farmers and other business people to be able to get their products to market and so-forth. That they also need better hospitals and better schools. That they need a better educated workforce and community and that Stark knows these things because he comes from the same community. And is one of these people himself.  But what he was also saying is that we can do better than this and that we can and must do much better than this. And that he has a plan to do it. Which is why you should vote for him. He balanced realism with a positive vision for the future.

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