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As far as cameras for police officers, I think it is commonsense. And would be a great way and perhaps the only way to separate the abusive and bad cops who go too far and as a result innocent people die, even if it is by accident, from the good police officers. Who do their jobs very well regardless of where they’re working and the community they work with. Because they know they’re being watched and can’t afford big obvious mistakes. And as far as cameras being too intrusive, that is part of being a law enforcement officer. They’re public servants and deserve to be held accountable like everyone else.

As far as Hillary Clinton for president, still early in 2015 and I’m already tired of talking about it. And I’m a Democrat, but I agree with David Brooks that there’s a market for a Center-Left, perhaps not Far-Left, but certainly a Center-Left Democrat to emerge and become Hillary’s alternative. To at the very least bring Hillary out of her closet and force her to run a real campaign. And let Democrats and other voters in to what a Hillary Clinton presidency and administration would look like and where she is on the issues. And can she bring in enough of the Far-Left of the party to win the general election. While still holding Center-Left Democrats and Independents.
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As far as the nuclear deal with Iran, what is the alternative? Invading a large country that is physically the size of Saudi Arabia, but with seventy-five-million people, where the people there tend to be somewhat pro-American, at least the young people. I mean look at Iraq, anyone want to call that a success? Iran is three times the size of Iraq with three times as many people. You want to take their nuclear program out through the air? You have to find it first. Again large country with a lot of people. There’s nothing to lose here for America and everything to gain. If Iran behaves, they won’t get nuclear weapons, they misbehave and will continue to pay the economical price for their bad behavior. Their people want to end the economic sanctions and it looks like so does their government. If you can negotiate with a giant the size of the Soviet Union back in the day that already had nuclear weapons and around four-hundred-million people, you can negotiate with a country that is not nearly as powerful or as large.

PBS: NewsHour- Shields and Brooks on Making a Deal With Iran

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John Boehner
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As far as CPAC, the one thing I respect about that group is that they do actually bring in lets say Classical Conservatives or Conservative Libertarians and actual Libertarians. It’s not just about mushy-middle establishment Republicans who always play it safe and the Christian-Right and the broader Far-Right of the Republican Party. So with this event you really get to see the state of the Republican Party and what they are thinking. And right now the Conservative Libertarian wing of the party that Senator Rand Paul seems to lead, seems to have the strongest voice.

As far as the Homeland Security shutdown in Congress, thank God for gerrymandering if I’m a Republican and water is dry and fire is cold! Otherwise they would never be in charge of anything with the current state of the party and their inability to govern and work with people who don’t agree with them on everything. I would say how do Democrats keep losing to people who believe the Earth is flat and climate change is a hoax and gays are responsible for 9/11 and America is being invaded by Latinos and every other conspiracy theory that they have. But I know about gerrymandering.

If the Republican Party actually had leadership in the House instead of a punching bag or puppet in John Boehner, someone would’ve told and convinced that caucus that you don’t attach riders to bills that have to be passed in order for the government to run. You do those things separately. The first rule of government is do no harm. And that means performing the basic functions of government like funding the basics like homeland security and law enforcement. And issues where you disagree with the President, you debate those things separately and through other bills that don’t have to pass. So you can make your point and case, but still do your job at the same time.

PBS: NewsHour- Shields and Brooks on CPAC & Homeland Security Shutdown

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Most likely and for me that means the best guess and best educated guess, Senate Republicans win back the Senate on Tuesday and perhaps add five seats to their House majority as well. I don’t see a wave for 2014 where Republicans win 8-10 seats in the Senate and twenty or more in the House. But things are so bad for Democrats right now that Republicans despite their own problems with voters, do not need a wave to do well in Congress on Tuesday.

Democrats still have hope even in the Senate. They win Georgia and Kansas where they are currently ahead with Michelle Nunn over David Perdue in Georgia and Greg Orman over Republican Senator Pat Roberts has been in Congress since 1981 and maybe Democrats hold Republican gains to four or five and barely hold the Senate having to rely on a couple of new Independents to hold their majority. But they would also need to hold North Carolina and New Hampshire with Kay Hagen respectfully to pull that off. Also may need to hold Arkansas or Louisiana as well.

What may be the only victories for Democrats on Tuesday night could at the state level and not in Congress. But governor’s races and legislature races where Democrats have real pickup opportunities in both areas. Pennsylvania, Florida, perhaps even Georgia, Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan. If they win those states or just a few of them and not lose any big states where they currently are in power, we could see better redistricting that could favor House Democrats in the future.
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Ebola outbreak in Guinea
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Anyone who uses Ebola to gain political power Right or Left, is unfit for office and perhaps should resign or give up their request to win the office that they are pursuing. This is a serious issue that affects millions of people who the U.S. Government and others have to deal with effectively, or millions of people could get hurt by it. And they need all the resources and people necessary to handle this problem as effectively as possible.

As far as the U.S. Senate elections. Mike Gerson might be right and maybe Senate Republicans are ahead in 8-11 elections right now. But I’m still seeing Kansas where Republican Senator Pat Roberts is in the fight for his Congressional career and is losing to Greg Orman. And I don’t think the debate this week helped Senator Roberts. And I’m seeing Georgia where Democratic Senate nominee Michelle Nunn has a small lead against David Perdue and they are competing for a Republican Senate seat.

In Kentucky, Allison Grimes has probably shot off too many of her own toes to win that election. You know a centrist or center-left Democrat not being able to admit that she voted for a Democratic President in Barack Obama, who is also center-left, shows she may not have the character and political knowledge as far as how much that could hurt her by not being able to admit the obvious, to win a U.S. Senate seat. Even against an unpopular Mitch McConnell who is also the Senate Minority Leader, Leader of the Senate Republicans.

Senate Democrats path to retaining the Senate even at 50-50 or 51-49, is not run the table and hold all the close Senate Democratic seats. They need to hold probably half of them and pick off a few Republican seats as well. Like Kansas and Georgia and they do that by holding North Carolina, where Senator Kay Hagan as a lead there. Holding South Dakota, which seemed impossible even a few months ago. Hold Colorado with Senator Mark Udall and somehow pull out Arkansas or Louisiana. And put Senate Republicans in a position where they have to run the table to even win a net of six seats, after dropping a couple of their own.
PBS: NewsHour- Shields & Brooks on Ebola as Election Issue

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Voter ID
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As far as same-sex marriage where right-wingers have a 5-4 majority on the U.S. Supreme Court and tend to be respected by the Christian-Right in this country. Same-sex marriage is dead as an issue when not even the U.S. Supreme Court will take it up to hear appeals being made about anti-gay marriage bans that were thrown out by lower courts. Only the Christian-Right cares about this issue as far as seeing it as some threat to the country that must be defeated. Republicans need to move from it and find issues where they can appeal to Independents and people not as far to the right as their far-right base.

The voter id laws getting thrown out in Wisconsin and North Carolina helps Democrats. Why, because those laws are designed to prevent young Americans and minorities from voting. Lets just be real about that and those voters tend to vote for Democrats because Republicans haven’t done a damn thing to try to appeal to them, at least since Ronald Reagan. Close U.S. Senate race in North Carolina between Senator Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis. Close governor’s race in Wisconsin where Republican Government Scott Walker is fighting for his political career.

As far as the U.S. Senate races. Good news for Senate Democrats this week in North Carolina where Senator Hagan has opened up a lead and where Senate Democrats have good poll numbers nationally. Greg Orman has a lead over Republican Senator Pat Roberts in Kansas. Allison Grimes with a small lead in Kentucky against Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. But her failing to answer who she voted for president in 2012 could erase that lead. She could turn that around by clearly winning the debate this Monday. So a good week for Democrats, not including President Obama.

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U.S. Congress
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

When was the last time that Congress had big bipartisan votes on anything? Both the House and Senate overwhelmingly voting in favor of President Obama getting America involved in Syria and Iraq to defeat ISIS or ISIL, depending on how you define what Secretary of State John Kerry calls, “The Enemy of Islam”. The so-called Islamic group that wants to occupy the Levantine region of Arabia that includes both Iraq and Syria.

As far as Hillary Clinton in Iowa. I think it is pretty likely that Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2016 and perhaps will announce by the spring of 2015. Otherwise she doesn’t have much business being at Senator Tom Harkin’s political event last weekend. But as David Brooks and EJ Dionne pointed out, she won’t have an easy ride to the Democratic nomination. She’ll get pushed by both center and further Left Democrats to take hard stands on key issues in order to win the nomination.

As far as the battle for the U.S. Senate. Yeah Kansas is good news for Democrats this week. Because it means a popular Center-Left leaning Independent will be the main challenger to a very unpopular Republican Senator Pat Roberts in November. But as I’ve been talking about for months now, Kansas is not the only problem and thing that could keep Republicans from winning back the Senate in November. They are still defending Georgia and Kentucky where the Democratic challengers are running very strong. Tied in Kentucky against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Senate Republicans will may have to hold all three of these states in order to win back the Senate.

PBS: NewsHour- Brooks & Dionne On The Ground Troop Debate

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