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Repeal & Do Nothing

Repeal & Do Nothing

▶ ObamaCare Battles in the House as Budget Loom – YouTube.

Politically a so-called ObamaCare battle in Congress and with the White House over the budget helps Democrats. Because this would be there 1995 government shutdown battle over the deficit and entitlement programs. That President Bill Clinton in the end won politically. Because President Obama and Congressional Democrats can easily make the case look we want to fund. The Federal Government and do the responsible thing here. But those damn Tea Party Republicans in the House and Senate as well want to shut down the government. Unless they get exactly what they want which is destroying the Affordable Care Act something that has. Already been passed into law, ruled constitutional and still in business because. House Republicans do not have the power to repeal the law on their own. Remember not only do Republicans do not control the White House but they don’t have a Republican Congress either. Because they only control the lower chamber of Congress the House of Representatives. Which means they have to work with a Democratic President and Senate to get anything put into law. Which means both sides can’t get everything they want and have to work together. And Americans want both parties to work together. So if the government shuts down over the Affordable Car Act. Republicans will get the blame and pay a heavy price for it in 2014.


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Political Celebrity

Political Celebrity

Shields and Brooks on Palin and Puig – YouTube.

As much as Congress is put down and looked down upon and I’m one of them. The House of Representatives and Senate are serious institutions and Congress as a whole is a serious. Institution with serious people who run for Congress in both chambers for the right reasons. And of course there are people who quite frankly do not deserve there even if their voters deserve to have them there. But by in large members of Congress are there because they want to serve their country and the people they represent. Who are well-educated and well qualified to serve in government who could make a hell of a lot more money outside of. Government including serving the public outside of government like at think tanks and writing books and teaching. And so forth rather than deal with the stress and other difficulties that come with being in Congress either the House or Senate. And these are the reasons why Sarah Palin won’t even run let alone get elected to the United State Senate. Because she’s not in politics to serve in government but to get her views known about American politics. And make a lot of money doing that and that she’s not much more than a political celebrity and. Commentator sort of the Kim Kardashian of American politics.

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Big Government Republican

Imagine if President Obama said he wanted more Americans on Public Assistance. Instead of in Higher Education, imagine how the Right Wing would’ve reacted. They would’ve called Barack Obama a Socialist, see we’ve been right all along. Barack Obama is a Socialist. He wants more people in America dependent on government. Instead of taking care of themselves, he wants to transform America into Europe.

Rick Santorum and the rest of the Right Wing can’t have it both ways and be credible. If you believe Higher Education and being Self Sufficient is the right thing. Instead of being dependent on Public Assistance. Something they’ve been saying for eighty years if not longer. Then you can’t say well thats a bad idea now, just because someone you don’t like agrees with you. What you should be saying instead, is that Government Dependence is bad and we need more people working. In America paying their own bills, instead of living off of people who do. Even Barack Obama understands this, we’ve been right all along.

People simply for the most part unless they are an athlete or entertainer. Can’t make it on their own in America, with just a High School diploma. Are economy is just too advanced now, people need Higher Education. And get those extra skills just to have a good chance of getting a good job in this country. Which is something that President Obama was acknowledging and Rick Santorum doesn’t understand.

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Progressive Activists

Based on Where the Top 1 Percent Lives, the Occupy Crowd Should Be Protesting Against Big Government.

Why would Progressives occupy something they love is the question I get from this. Progressives aren’t going to protest against Big Government but part of their protests. Have to do with that they don’t think the Federal Government is big enough. They want Big Government in America, thats their Alternative Agenda. To what they see as Corporatism that they believe is occupying both the Democratic and Republican Parties. Occupying both Liberal Democrats like the President and the Democratic Leadership. And Conservative Republicans and the Republican Leadership.

Progressive Democrats and other Democratic Socialists would like to blow up Corporate America. And replace it with Socialist America, where we would still have a large Private Sector. But where the Public Sector would be much bigger. Have a much larger hold on our wallets. Providing us with Public Services that they don’t trust the Private Sector to provide.

So of course Occupy Wall Street and other Progressives aren’t going to occupy Big Government. Because thats what they want to use as the alternative to American Capitalism. But they are going to occupy what they see as the current problem in America. Including Democrats and Republicans.

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Mr. Right eludes the GOP.

The Republican Party certainly doesn’t have “Mr. Right” to lead their Party. Ronald Reagan died in 2004 and left the Presidency in 1989. And so has Classical Conservatism to a large extent in the Republican Party as well. Ron Paul is the closest thing they have to Mr. Right, except for Foreign Policy. He’s not a Classical Conservative but a Libertarian which is close but different. And in today’s Religious and Neoconservative Republican Party. Jane Fonda might have just as good of chance at winning the Republican Nomination. Then Ron Paul.

But the GOP does have Mr. Far Right. Mr. Big Government Republican himself in Rick Santorum. Who each day seems to come up with aother way to make Uncle Sam more powerful. And the American People less freer with all the new restrictions. He would like to impose on us, the latest having to do with Heavy Metal music, gambling, condoms and Birth Control. So if your on the Far Right, and defending those values. Is even more important to you, then having even a snowballs chance in hell of winning back the Presidency. Then Rick Santorum is your candidate Mr. Far Right, the Big Government Republican.

The Republican Party needs to go back to the future and be the Classical Conservative Party. That Barry Goldwater built and Ron Reagan built his revolution on. And bring back Libertarians and Conservative Independents that are fed up with its Big Government politics. Or they are going to shrink and become a Far Right Third Party.

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Buddy Roemer first presidential candidate eligible for federal matching funds – The Hill’s Ballot Box.

There a few reasons why Buddy Roemer doesn’t fit in with the Democratic and Republican Parties. Even though he’s a lifetime Democrat and Republican and thats just it. He’s a lifetime Democrat and Republican, he really doesn’t fit in either party. And a big part of that, is that he’s Anti Establishment, what’s good for the country, not the party. He believes that the best politics are the best policies and government. GOV. Roemer has this Harry Truman streak in him, which scares the hell out of the Democratic and Republican Establishments.

The Republican Party, GOV. Roemer’s current home, isn’t going to give him the resources. To finance his campaign in the way, where the Roemer Campaign can raise the resources. To get their message out and raise their awareness enough. That they can climb in the polls and be factors in key Republican States. And win enough Republican Delegates so he can be a serious threat. To win the Republican Nomination.

I’ve been arguing for months that Buddy Roemer should be running as an Independent for President. A Conservative Independent in the mole of Ron Reagan, that will go to Washington to clean it up. And who’s someone the No Labels Movement could support. As well as other Independent Groups that should be promoting people like Buddy Roemer, Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Sen. Joe Lieberman, Sen. Ben Nelson, Sen. Scott Brown.

Time for the  Reform Party to be a real Independence Party. Thats made up of Conservative, Liberal and Moderate Pragmatists. That put country over party and are mainly interested in doing what’s right. Not what’s easy. Buddy Roemer could be that Presidential Candidate that could help start. And Independence Movement and put it on the map in American Politics.

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Obama’s justices.

Progressive Democrats on the Far Left have criticized President Obama. For not being “Progressive Enough” or not being a Socialist. They were expecting Barack Obama to govern like a Democratic Socialist. Someone like Bernie Sanders or Dennis Kucinich. They wanted President Obama to be the next President Rossevelt. Which is ironic because they supported Barack Obama for President not Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader. So they made a Political Calculation, back the guy who best represented their politics. But who also get Elected President, the Far Right doesn’t like President Obama. Because they see him as a Socialist, someone like Sen. Bernie Sanders. Someone who’s admired the Community Activist Saul Alinsky, who was a Socialist. Anytime a Public Official gets hit by both the Far Left and Far Right. They are probably in pretty good shape politically . Because they are probably in the mainstream and in good shape to get reelected. Which is where President Obama obviously wants to be. It probably means your even Dead Center politically or Center Left or Center Right.

As a Liberal Democrat myself and not a Centrist, I believe the President has been very solid. On Economic and Foreign Policy, especially considering the situations he inherited. Its on Social Issues where I wish President Obama was more Liberal. On some things he’s gone way too far, like with the War on Drugs, Patriot  Act and Indefinite Detention. And in one area where he promised too much, like with closing Guantanamo Bay Prison. Which was a bad play on his part, he should’ve known better. But he’s been very good on Gays in the Military, Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. And on DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, refusing to defend that in court.

For me as a Liberal Democrat, President Obama has certainly not been perfect. I consider him to be a Moderate Liberal, I wish he was more like President Bill Clinton. Stronger them President Carter but closer to Carter then Clinton. But he has appointed two great Supreme Court Justices. Who may over rule him on some of these Social Issues. Where he’s angered Liberals and Libertarians .

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