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The Local Trial of The Century

The Local Trial of The Century

Zimmerman Trial Prosecutors Post Verdict Press Conference – YouTube.

Can we get back to real news in America and back to covering what is important. Rather than what is so-called sexy to report whatever the hell that means. And cover things that people need to know because it actually affects them especially their personal and economic freedoms. Their standard of living and knowing about foreign news as well because that affects us here. As we found out about during the 9/11 attacks. And leave thew soft-news or tabloid news for the entertainment networks and publications and blogs and so forth. Rather than making every story that is reported in America somehow about our divided political system. Where partisans on one side automatically take one side and the other partisan side takes the other side. Because they believe it will help them with their political agenda. And gain them support and make them look better with their bases which is what we’ve seen from FNC and MSNBC. And CNN looking for anything to cover that they believe will help their sagging ratings.


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