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Source: Foundation Interviews– George Carlin, being interviewed in 2007 

Source: The New Democrat

Would like to hear more from George Carlin on why he believes it’s not important to give a shit ( as he put it ) because that can be interpreted in multiple ways which is exactly what I’m going to do here and lay out what he might be talking about here.

According to Wikipedia – a Nihilist is someone who

“Nihilism (/ˈnaɪ(h)ɪlɪzəm, ˈniː-/; from Latin nihil, meaning ‘nothing’) is the philosophical viewpoint that suggests the denial or lack of belief towards the reputedly meaningful aspects of life. Most commonly, nihilism is presented in the form of existential nihilism, which argues that life is without objective meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value.[1] Moral nihilists assert that there is no inherent morality, and that accepted moral values are abstractly contrived. Nihilism may also take epistemological, ontological, or metaphysical forms, meaning respectively that, in some aspect, knowledge is not possible, or reality does not actually exist.

The term is sometimes used in association with anomie to explain the general mood of despair at a perceived pointlessness of existence that one may develop upon realising there are no necessary norms, rules, or laws.[2]

Nihilism has also been described as conspicuous in or constitutive of certain historical periods: for example, Jean Baudrillard and others have called postmodernity a nihilistic epoch;[3] and some religious theologians and figures of religious authority have asserted that postmodernity[4] and many aspects of modernity[5] represent a rejection of theism, and that such rejection of theistic doctrine entails nihilism.”

Is this what George Carlin meant when he said that it’s important to bot give a shit? That he’s someone who believed, “that a person who believes that life is meaningless and rejects all religious and moral principles.
dogmatic atheists and nihilists could never defend the value of human life”
synonyms: skeptic, negativist, cynic, pessimist; More
a supporter of an extreme Russian revolutionary party c. 1900 which found nothing to approve of in the established social order.”

If that’s the case then George Carlin and Donald Trump have plenty in common. They believe there’s no such thing as a truth or at least one truth that nothing is real and everything is subjective to what the person at the time says or believes it is. If this is the case as far as what Carlin believes when he said it’s important to not give a shit, than I can’t respect him for that. Because are such things as rights and wrongs.

I get skepticism and I’m a skeptic myself and alway take the word of reason or the word of faith and trust only what I know and understand including people. Trust people and things that have earned my trust based on their records and my interactions with them. Not looking into their eyes and claiming to read their souls and saying that I trust this person or that person because I’ve claimed to viewed their soul and see that they are a good person.

Foundation Interviews: George Carlin- ‘On Why It’s Important To Not Give a Shit’


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Source: Anders Jacobson– George Carlin in 1996 

Source: The New Democrat

I like George Carlin’s point about motivation because it would be one thing if you had someone advising to do the right thing because of these reasons and they know what they’re talking about because they work in that field and you’re a narcissistic, egotistical, arrogant asshole, who believes the planet evolves around you and you’re so damn smart you see things in the future that no one else does. ( Take Donald Trump to use as one example )


Source: I Am Awake– The Great George Carlin 

And let’s say you’re being sued or are under criminal investigation and your lawyer is telling you, “you know what Joe, I really don’t think it would be a good idea if you testify and go under oath. Sometimes I’m not sure if you’re telling me the truth and I’m your damn lawyer, for God sake! Hell, I’m not even sure if you’re being honest with me.” And your lawyer motivates you to do the right thing and not take the stand. But it’s another thing if you’re a pro athlete lets say and you’re in a big game perhaps even playing for the championship and you know exactly what the consequences are if your team wins lose. Someone in that position will either play their best game or play very well or not. It depends if they’re good enough to win the game or not and how badly they want to win that game.

As far as religion

I’m an Agnostic, so don’t even think about thinking that you can blame me for either the religious fundamentalism in America from the Christian-Right or Islamic fundamentalism from the Middle East and other places around the world, because I’m Agnostic and I simply don’t give a damn about religion.

As a Liberal I believe free choice, free will, free speech, free thinking, individuality, individualism, personal responsibility, the opposites of what even a moderate or social democratic religion would believe in, because religion almost by definition is very collectivist. “This is what’s right and wrong, this is how you should live your life, and this is what you should believe.” I’m just not down with that ( to use a 1990s expression ) and my idea of morality is about how people treat each other, not about how people treat themselves and live their own personal lives. Those are my moral values which is about treating people the way you want them to treat you.


I just wish this George Carlin performance was ten years later instead of coming out in 1996 and we could see what Carlin thinks about our reality TV and celebrity culture, well culture and seeing reality TV and celebrity culture not just dominate American culture, but now have invaded our politics and government. I believe a lot of stupidity in America comes from faddism and the need to feel like you’re cool ( I’m sorry, I mean awesome ) that need to be popular and hip consumes practically everything else even our morality. My point earlier about morality being about how we treat each other, instead of what we do personally. Sometimes its considered cool to bully people that you believe are inferior. We see that in high school everyday.

Thanks to celebrity TV which is what reality TV really is, or perhaps nasty TV is a better term being nasty and stupid is considered cool and is rewarded everyday. The only smart people that are rewarded are business executives who run companies that produce the products that are considered cool in America. Fashion, new technology, coffee house coffee, to use as examples. But if you’re simply just trying to make the world better or at least your small part of it better and you’re a very intelligent person, unless you’re considered hip and communicate with young people very well, you’ll be looked down upon as a nerd who reads too much, spent too much time in school. Love to know what George Carlin would bet saying about our over consuming reality TV culture today.

Baby Boomers

Not a boomer obviously being born in the mid 1970s and I’m not even a son of one. Both of my parents were born in the 1930s and had kids relatively late in life, so I don’t have much personal experience with at least who I would call Baby Boomers ( people born in the 1940s and 1950s ) but I’ve worked with people from this generation and most of my teachers were Boomers. I like to look at them as the entitled generation.

Being born during or just after World War II ( depending on how you define the generation ) and growing up in the 1950s and 60s, as a generation they’re like your typical Connecticut Anglo-Saxon Protestant family who’ve been in this country since the 1700s, who live in the suburbs and started out in life with a million dollars thanks to their father’s. They’re the spoiled brat generation would be a way to look at them. Growing up during the economic booms of the 50s and 60s and not having to worry about how they were going to pay for college or if they were even going to be able to get into college. But I’ll give them credit for taking advantage of every opportunity ever given them and becoming one of if not our most productive American generation’s.


If you order a cheeseburger and are served a cheeseburger, do you really have any right to expect your cheeseburger to taste like a tunafish sandwich? With politicians it’s the same thing you get what you voted for or at least elected. You vote for and elect crooks and liars, don’t expect to get Saints instead. And this whole deal about not knowing how crooked and lazy the politician was before you voted for that person, is like someone complaining about the apples or oranges that they bought at the store not being ripe enough and being old. If you bothered to look at the fruit that you were buying before you bought that, you would’ve seen that it wasn’t fresh fruit and maybe you should buy something else. You don’t do your homework when it comes to voting, you end up voting for people you don’t know very well and get screwed by them in the process.

Life is what you make out of it. You get yourself a good education, you apply yourself, do the work, make learning and daily thing for yourself and always looking to do things better and make yourself as productive as possible, do your homework to go back to my point about politicians and life in America will be very good for you. At the very least doing these things for yourself and again treating people the way you want to be treated, taking responsibility for your actions to get to my point about morality and that will be your best offense and game plan for success in this country. But you don’t do these things and expect success and happiness to be given to you and you’ll spend a lot of your life waiting for success and happiness.

Anders Jacobson: George Carlin- On Some Cultural Issues

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Source: Carlin Fan– Not a fan

Source: The New Democrat

I get George Carlin’s point about ethnic or national pride that we shouldn’t look at them as being accomplishments even though I’m sure that there are some Anglo-Saxon ( people of English ethnicity ) families in Manhattan and New England who would disagree with that. For them being born in America is like winning the Super Bowl during your rookie season. Winning a 20 million dollar lottery the first time you ever played the lottery. A lot of these families tend to be born rich to the point they never even have to worry about college or even finishing it because they’ll probably have a million dollars or more by the time they hit 21 in life.

But for the 90-99% of us that have to work for a living from the time that we’re probably teenagers and looking to buy our first car and not sure how we’re going to pay for college because we know our parents can’t just write a check to finance that for us and buy us our own car, ethnicity is just about who we’re born to, who our biological parents are. Passing the bar exam, or graduating college, getting a promotion at work that we deserve, perhaps becoming an executive, those are real accomplishments in life.

Being born English, Italian, Jewish, Japanese, Latino, African, etc, in America that’s just about who our parents are that we have no control over who were given to us. Not something that we ever worked for in life. It’s not like we can decide before we’re are born that we want to be Italian or Chinese in America and decide that’s who we’re going to be. As a German-American, I’m all in favor of people being proud of their ethnic people. ( Let’s say ) And being proud of what they’re community has accomplished in America. And being a member of the largest ethnic group in America as a German, I’m proud of what Germans have accomplished in America. But I’m not proud to be German just because I’m German, but because of what we’ve done in America and the country that Germany has become post-World War II as one of the greatest liberal democracies in the world.

As far as God Bless America, I’m an Agnostic myself not Lutheran or Catholic as Germans trend to be, so I’m not a fan of that expression. Especially when it comes from politicians especially career politicians who believe they can do whatever the hell they want to ( but I do believe in hell ) because they represent a deeply religious community and believe that if their voters believe they’re devoutly religious and moral, that’s all they’ll need to do get reelected .

But I believe in free speech which covers religion and other personal beliefs and as voters if we don’t like hearing that or believe we’re getting played by some slick Willy politician who when they say that, we can always hold them accountable and look to see if that politician actually lives by the religion that they claim and doesn’t have a handful of mistresses on the side and a fixer to pay them to keep them silent, while they bitch about the so-called immorality of others and then act accordingly.

Pride, whether it’s ethnic, national or anything else, should be about what people accomplish themselves or what others have accomplished for themselves that people around them are proud of. Parents being proud their son or daughter graduated college, got married to someone they love and respect, had kids that made them grandparents. Things that we accomplish or that others accomplish around us that make us proud for them. Instead of being proud because of how we born or buying one of the first 5 new I-Phones, or getting 1000 friends on Facebook, when maybe we only personally know 100 of those people and are only in contact we maybe 50 of them. And as far as God Bless America, again we have a First Amendment and that means hearing things we don’t like and that doesn’t even make sense in many cases.

Carlin Fan: George Carlin- Dumb Slogans

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Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

Warning! This piece might contain language that may offend people who are still living in the 1950s and forgot to move with the times in America as the rest of country moved forward without them.

Just to say one thing about George Carlin: Goddammit George Carlin fuckin cussed a lot! What the fuck was his fuckin problem? What kind of asshole fuckin cusses that much? God dammit he must have been fuckin pissed off. Not that I would ever tell him to watch his fuckin language, because someone like that who is generally that angry not just at people, but basically an entire country, probably wouldn’t like that humor and perhaps not have even understood it. But he might have grasped the hypocrisy from a statement like that.

As far as stupid people in America, not saying we have a monopoly on that compared with the rest of the world. Especially with countries that don’t allow women to even drive cars or show themselves in public, who murder people simply for being gay through government force. As well as terrorists who murder people simply for not being Muslim, as well as gay. But we might have more than our share of stupid people especially with a region of the country that values their religion over education and knowledge. That alone can create a lot of problems there when people who simply don’t respect knowledge and think Jesus or whoever they pray to is all they need. That alone would qualify as stupid thinking, or lack of thinking.

See, people who don’t have knowledge tend to be stupid. Knowledgable people tend to be intelligent. The actual definition of intelligent is someone who is having or showing intelligence, especially at a high level. The actually definition of stupid, is having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense. Someone who takes America to war over bogus ( to be overly generous ) evidence that never existed in the first place, is the classic definition of s stupid decision. Making a decision on no real evidence and information.

Buying stuff ( or in many cases junk ) that you simply don’t need and are buying it perhaps only because it’s a status symbol for you like buying that latest smartphone simply because it’s the latest smartphone, even though you bought the latest smartphone last week, would qualify as a stupid decision. Even if it did allow you to be one of the first five people to share that latest purchase on Facebook, Twitter, or perhaps my favorite Google+. Sure! That decision made you look like totally awesome ( or whatever ) for an entire five minutes. But now you have two smartphones that you’re not using and still paying for both of them.

When you have a country that is as vast and diverse from all sorts of vantage points and not just racially and ethnically, a country that is also as free and individualistic as we are ( at least outside of pop culture,where most people look like a clone of the latest hot celebrity ) and then you have an entire population that values their religious and cultural beliefs over knowledge, reason, and science, you’re going to have a lot of stupid people. Because you’re going to have a lot of people who are literally free to do whatever they want short of hurting innocent people, including deciding to not be educated and not believe evidence and facts. This is why America at times at least can look like a national morons convention where everyone is late, because everyone went to the wrong place for the convention.

George Carlin: ‘Life is Worth Losing’- Dumb Americans

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Source: Meg Rifter: George Carlin: Maybe it’s Not The Politicians Who Suck?

I partially agree with George Carlin on this. Our politicians actually do suck in way too many cases. I think that is obvious when you have a Congress that can’t get its basic responsibilities taken care of. Like gee I don’t know, funding the government that they are part of. Or paying the bills that has been run up on the debt, which is what a debt ceiling extension actually is. Not an agreement to borrow more money, just to pay the interest on the current debt. And you could add other examples of how members of Congress in both parties treat each other. Like the majority not allowing the minority opportunities to offer amendments and other examples like that. But just in case people who aren’t insomniacs actually read this, I don’t want to put everyone else to sleep with what is called in Washington Congressional speak. Language that only the House and Senate uses.

I completely disagree with George Carlin on his notion that non-voters have every right to complain. Sure, according to the First Amendment they do, which is all that they need. But for people to be taken seriously, they have to sound credible. And if you’re not doing everything you can to improve government and the least you can do is to bother voting, you can’t credibly complain about politicians who are on office now, because you were too busy complaining, or sitting on your ass at home, or at a coffee-house, perhaps watching celebrity TV all day, getting drunk, masturbating, whatever it might be and not voting. Had Democrats bothered to turn out in 2010 and 2014 anywhere near the numbers they did in 2008 and 2012, what Tea Party revolution? Republicans rely on low voter turnout to get elected and reelected. There are still more Democrats than Republicans in America. What Republican gerrymandering if Democrats held onto all of those legislatures and governorships in 2010?

I realize I’m coming at this from a Democratic vantage point, but here’s a newsflash. I’m a Democrat and I’m not saying this to put Republicans down, but Democratic voters don’t have much to complain about when they don’t vote for Democrats. Especially when their reasoning is that they don’t like Center-Left establishment Democrats and that the candidate, or incumbent is not in love with government and doesn’t have a new tax or government program to take care of everyone’s problems for them. Or is not as Far-Left as the Green, or Democratic Socialist candidate. Democrats, won back Congress in huge numbers in 2006, because Republicans didn’t bother voting. This works both ways. If you don’t do the very least that you can do to improve government and get the best possible people to represent you, which is bothering to vote and the person you most not rather see wins that office, whose fault is that? All the opposition did was show up and win and beat a party that didn’t bother to vote.

If you don’t like the current field of candidates, run yourself, or encourage someone who you think would be a good candidate to run and then work for that person. Assuming that you caught them when they were drunk, or high, or had a gun pointed at their head (that wasn’t filled with water) and agreed to run for that office. But a big reason why we have politicians who suck is because we have voters who suck themselves and maybe we should require all voters to pass a sobriety test, or eye examination before voting. But other reasons why we have politicians who suck is because we have voters in name only. People who are registered to vote, but who don’t bother voting at all. And as a result we get politicians, because of a low voter turnout who would’ve lost badly had we just had a decent voter turnout for that election. Who represent a small faction of the country and wouldn’t have won any other way.

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Source: HBO

Source: This piece was originally posted at The Daily Review

I probably agree with everything that George Carlin said in this video. Other than the word liberal. Replace liberal with illiberal and Liberals with Illiberal’s and we agree on everything here. Without Liberals, George Carlin isn’t able to make this video, because Liberals gave us our First Amendment Freedom of Speech rights. It is illiberal fascists on the Far-Left, who have the balls to call themselves Liberals, even though they have more in common with Karl Marx and Fidel Castro, than they do with Jack Kennedy, Tom Jefferson and even Wendell Willkie. Who actually were Liberals, because they believed in liberal values and not illiberal values. Illiberal fascists are the people who run the U.S. Political Correctness Department on the Left in America. While Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians and even some Progressives, disobey all of their laws.

It’s not that labels and the truth that are the problem in America. Without them how would know what is real and what is make-believe. How would we know how to refer to each other. I guess we would have to wait for the PCD, or Political Correctness Department to tell us that. Perhaps Ben Affleck will play the Chief of that department in his next movie. Maybe Michael Moore will be his deputy after he’s done with his next film about how so-called White people want create a new American Civil War and kick out all the non-Europeans in the country. And even Europeans who aren’t of British descent and Protestant. Without the truth and accurate ways to referring to each other, we might as well all go blind and death. Because none of us will know what the hell is going on. The truth is never the problem, it is what leads to the truth that can be. People can only improve once they know what is wrong.

If a Muslim believes that women should be his servant and that the man is always in charge and that women shouldn’t be allowed to work and the whole deal, similar to how many Christian-Conservatives feel today and not just one Muslim, but that is mainstream thought in that culture and a non-Muslim and lets say a non-Muslim of European heritage points that out, how is the person who is accurately critiquing Muslims who believe these things a bigot? All this person is doing is pointing out some negative truths about some Muslims. If someone is fat and crazy, are you supposed to pretend they got a body of Hercules and are the sanest person around? And perhaps the worst thing about illiberal political correctness is how phony it is. (I’m being really kind) Because it is disguised as tolerance, even though it is the opposite towards people who disagree with them.

Once you hide the truth for fear it might offend people, you become a fascist. And once a society does that, they just threw the First Amendment in the garbage. And as a result the society will regress and become a regressive society and not even a progressive society that political correctness fans claim they want. Because the society will stop progressing, because people won’t know the truth about themselves and how to improve. “Joey, isn’t a bad student compared with the rest of the class, or is dumb. He just learns slower. And because of that we shouldn’t get him any help, or hold him back, because we don’t want to hurt his feelings.” And that is just one example of political correctness where students are promoted even if they don’t make the grades, because for fear of hurting their self-esteem. And is something that a progressive society and free society can’t afford if they want to continue to make progress.

HBO: George Carlin- Political Correctness Is Fascism Pretending To Be Manners

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This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on WordPress

I’ll give George Carlin credit for one thing when it comes to his military opposition and opposition to use of force. At least he served in the military so he has at least some idea what the hell he’s talking about when it comes to opposing military force. Unlike a lot of these pussies on the Far-Left from Salon, The Nation and AlterNet who never served a day in their life in the military not even in the reserves. And yet they go out of their way to put down the American military and our involvement in wars. And call our soldiers murderers and terrorists and everything else.

When a pacifist says they are against the use of force. So what, what else is new! What do you think they are going to say? “You know what I’ve been a pacifist all of my life, but I had a dream last night about of the damage that peace and love has done to the country. And now I’m not only in favor of using force and the military, but I think we should bomb any country that doesn’t like cheeseburgers and hot dogs and votes against us at the meaningless United Nations Debating Society.” Of course they are going to say war is no good, evil, immoral and everything else! Because that is what pacifists do. They oppose violence at all costs.

But with Carlin you get the real thing. He doesn’t like the military at least in how its used and knows from personal experience about what it is like to serve and the costs that come from serving in the military. And the costs of war and not some fringe asshole who speaks out of his ass because their head is always stuck in it. Speaking about things he’s simply not qualified to talk about. If you’re going to criticize something, at least have the decency to know about what you’re criticizing. And not just jump on some bandwagon because you think that bandwagon is cool.
George Carlin

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