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Freedom Fighter

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

The thing that I may respect most about Dr. King was his ability to make his case to the country simply based on the facts. With a very sober demeanor that was designed to bring people to his cause based on the facts. That what he was talking about in accomplishing were equal rights under the law. That the United States Constitution guarantees everyone and that all Americans were supposed to be treated equally. And that we were entitled to these rights based under the United States Constitution.

Dr. King wasn’t calling for special rights or treatment for African-Americans. Just the same rights that Caucasian-Americans had and that no one was supposed to be discriminated against based on race. And treated better or worst because of their race. That we are all supposed to be treated equally under the law. And that it wasn’t some law that needed to be passed to guarantee our rights, because these rights were already guaranteed to all Americans again under the United States Constitution.

Dr. King also understood that for him to achieve the goals of his movement, which was racial equality under law, that he was going to need help. That African-Americans couldn’t make this happen on their own. That they needed other Americans including Caucasians as well. Simply because his community was outnumbered and need others to make their goals reality.

The Daily Conversation: Long Lost Dr. Martin Luther King Speech


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Supreme Protest

Supreme Protest

Source: PBS: NewsHour- High Court Strikes Down Key Provision of Voting Rights Act

Under this Supreme Court decision discriminating against Americans and denying them the right to vote based on race. Is still illegal but what’s different now is that voting discrimination won’t be stopped before it happens. Because the Federal Government won’t be able to stop and prevent states and localities from discriminating against voters based on race. What’s going to happen now if someone is or feels they’ve been denied the ability to vote based on race. What they’ll still be able to do is challenge that in court. But voters may still be discriminated based on their race because the Federal Government won’t be able to prevent. That from happening in the future and the reason why this will probably be a problem. Is because we now have what I call Neoconservative as well as Neo-Confederate governments in big. States Republicans states and swing-states who are always looking to build on their power even by denying people who tend. To vote Democratic like racial-minorities from voting with these bogus voter-ID laws that are designed. To prevent Democrats from voting which means Democrats could lose elections in the future. But then the people who were discriminated against will be able to challenge that but their votes will still not count even if they win their cases.

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All forms of Racism is bad not matter what Race its directed at : Crooks and Liars

As a liberal as an american but more importantly as a person and I would hope that all people feel this way. But unfortunately thats not the case, I believe all forms of racism is bad. No matter who’s it directed at and what race. Just as there’s no such thing as a good from of slavery or evil, there’s no such thing as a good form of racism. As someone who’s a proud product of a very diverse High School, Bethesda Chevy Chase. Where literally the whole World is represented there and still is and someone who went to diverse schools my whole Educational Career. And who met and experienced people of different races growing up. Including befriending them and still knowing some of these friends today. I got to know people of different ethnicity’s and races early on. And learned on my own that they are just people, you know who happened to look different then from people of my ethnicity and race. And then once you establish that, you learn that they are people and you can treat as such and not differently. As oppose to someone who grew up in a segregated area and didn’t meet and was unaware of people of different ethnic and racial backgrounds growing up. Perhaps grows up with parents and grandparents with bigoted attitudes growing up. And once they finally are around different people, perhaps in college or when they are working. Don’t know how to act around them. Now I’ll admit as an Caucasian American my experience at feeling racism towards me is pretty limited, mostly in the form of humor. And most of that bad humor has been directed at my German Heritage. So mostly about my ethnicity not race. And a lot of those jokes have been German Ethnic Stereotypes. Still bad but not things like Ethnic Slurs.

Racism is bad, whether its coming from the Far Right or Far Left and whatever race its directed at. Conservatives get accused of racism especially towards minorities all the time. But they don’t own a monopoly on it, even though it clearly exists and has been well documented. But racism also comes from the Far Left and a lot of times in the form of humor. Directed at caucasians, jews and in some cases asians. And generally directed at men and I believe even though they would describe it as being Race Conscience. They also tend to be more likely I believe, to identify ones race in describing someone. Instead of their hair color or outfit, physical build etc. To me any Dr Martin Luther King who I consider the Leader and hero of the Civil Rights movement. And with his I have a Dream Speech of 1963. Laid down the vision of Civil Right and Equal Rights. That famous and most important line, “I have a dream that one day my children would be judged by the Content of their Character. Not by the Color of their Skin. Most important thing ever said in the Civil Rights Movement because that laid down the vision of what that movement was all about. That all americans would be treated by the Content of their Character and not by the Color of their Skin. That all racism was evil and needs to be defeated.

All racism is bad and should be treated for the evil that it is. If all people just remember the MLK I have a Dream Speech and just treat people as people. Judge them by their character and not race or ethnicity. Then Dr King’s dream will become a reality and America will live up to what it represents. As a land of Equal Opportunity for all not for a special few.

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