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Equal Justice For All?

Equal Justice For All?

Source: NPR News: Carrie Johnson- Some Public Defenders Warn: ‘We Have Nothing Left To Cut’

We have all sorts of economic insurance systems in America. Health insurance, auto insurance, homeowners insurance, auto insurance etc. But we don’t have an insurance system that in some ways is just as life and death as health insurance. Which is an insurance system that covers people when they need legal representation when someone has been arrested. Being sued or has had some miss justice committed against them and looking for a legitimate legal resource against the person that. Did them harm even though we live in a country that champions justice for all and blind justice and so fourth. Where everyone is entitled to a lawyer and so fourth with legal aid and public defenders offices all over the country. And if you are someone with average or even below average means and perhaps live in poverty. And you can’t afford to pay out of pocket which in a lot of cases is how we pay for legal representation in this country. That is the people who can afford it, you are out of luck and either looking at piling up huge debt or going without adequate legal assistance.

What we need to do in America is make equal justice under the law real and put it into actuality and not just in words. And have a system that covers everyone when it comes to legal assistance in America where all Americans can afford it no matter their economic situation. Similar to what we are trying to do with our healthcare system and not just say but put into law a. Legal insurance system that covers all Americans when they need legal representation and so fourth. That would be like any other insurance system that when you need it, you collect from it to cover your. Legal bills and not be stuck having to pay for it out of pocket or racking up huge legal bills that. May come with selling a home or taking out a huge loan with a lot of interest on it jut to pay for. The legal representation that all Americans are entitled to under law. Or good lawyers contemplating whether to put their practices on the line to give a free defense for someone with a good case.

I’m not talking about a new Federal entitlement program that would be run out of Washington for the entire country. I would be fine with it being a private legal insurance system as long as it was effective and giving most people at least quality affordable justice. That was affordable but we do need a legal insurance system in America that affordable and effective for everyone. Even if that means it starts with the Federal Government creating it and then having the states setting up. Their own systems and then eventually being privatized.


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