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Late NightSource: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat Plus

Thank God for Norm MacDonald, otherwise this interview would’ve been about Chairman of The Board. That so far I’ve been a hundred-percent successful in not seeing. I guess they could’ve talked about Melrose Place which was a great show, at least the last two seasons of it that I saw. But Courtney was on the show to talk about Chairman of The Bored, I mean Chairman of The Board. I mean who would want to be Chairman of The Bored. You would constantly be chairing over people having trouble staying awake at your bored meetings, I mean board meetings. But that was why Norm was there so they wouldn’t have to spend 5-10 minutes talking about the movie and having to listen to people snoring in the audience. Which would’ve been distracting for the audience. And losing people to more interesting things like PBS fundraising drives. And high school plays on public access TV.

Bruce Illest: Late Night With Conan O’Brien- Norm MacDonald & Courtney Thorne Smith


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Source: Billy Hill- Danielle C. Cushman & Billy Hill

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

I’m not a big fan of History Channel’s American Pickers. But I am a big fan of Danielle Colby Cushman on American Pickers, who is way underused on the show. And basically treated by Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz who own American Pickers, as a little girl who can’t handle big responsibility. Danielle might be as cute as a little girl physically, but she’s clearly a grown up, at least physically who can do more than just answer the phone and try to bring in new perspective clients for the business.

American Pickers is a real life business owned by these two guys, somewhere in Iowa, which could be said about a lot of towns in Iowa. Who find old pieces that people have had forever that still have value. And they try to buy them a fair price and then try to sell them for profit. The guys do most of the traveling and picking, why cute Danielle stays at home so to speak, answers the phone and try’s to find perspective clients and people who Mike and Frank can work with.

But the few opportunities that Danielle gets to hit the road, you not only get to see her knowledge for the business. Which granted is not as deep as Mike’s or Frank’s, but she has also hasn’t been doing it as long. But you get to see her personality, her humor, how adorable she is physically and personally. And last, but certainly not least, her great body. Tall, curvy, athletically built women who fills out a pair of Levis denim jeans well enough to get her a modeling contract for Levis.

Billy Hill: Tattoo TV Episode- Questions For Danielle Colby Cushman

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Jennifer Brennan

Jennifer Brennan

Source: A&E: Shipping Wars- Horse Ranch

I gotta be honest as a guy, (for a change) I’m not a fan of Shipping Wars on A&E. But I do watch the show occasionally (like when I have nothing better to do and I’m wide awake) and I do like Jennifer Brennan. She’s I guest one of the contestants on the show, but they really aren’t playing. They do this for a living, they buy stuff online that people have to sell and perhaps getting rid of. And they make their money by selling what they buy online for a profit. But they have to compete with each other in order to see who gets to buy and then try to sell the purchase. Sort of like an online auction.

Jennifer Brennan plays or I guess is this cowgirl or cowgirl wannabe who lives I believe in the South. Who is into a lot of Western style I guess products. And she looks like an acts like a cowgirl with the style, the way she talks, what she drives and how she carries herself. She’s also highly annoying and adorable as the other players on the show would probably tell you. But very entertaining at the same time, and very attractive and sexy which makes the show (at times) worth watching for me.

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Dyan Cannon
Source: POP Candies TV: Dyan Cannon Brings Brownies to Lakers Game at Staples Center

Dyan Cannon would 75-76 at this point and still looks better than women in their sixties, fifties, forties, thirties, twenties even and good look women as well. I mean she was born during the Great Depression, pre-World War II even and she still has guys, young guys checking her out wherever she goes. And still fills out denim jeans and boots as well or better than women young enough to be her daughter and even half her age. The woman is not just a goddess who lives in Hollywood because she’s an entertainer, but she’s a true Hollywood Goddess. Who should be in the Hollywood Hall of Fame, if there’s such a thing. A great actress, very funny, still gorgeous and baby-face adorable and has a body that makes guys young enough to her grandson want to check her out. But other than these things, just an ordinary women. Sorry I brought her up.

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Alicia Keys

Source: Alicia Keys Vevo: If I Aint Got You Music Video

My favorite Alicia Keys song and still one of the best love songs of all time. She pretty much sounds like a woman who is desperate to hang on to her man in this song and to sound harsh and this is my opinion, she sounds like someone who is pretty much obsessed with her boyfriend . And doesn’t she can’t manage to live without him. While her man for whatever reason or reasons and I don’t think the song makes it clear while he’s looking to move on, but he looks ready to move on. If you watch those true crime shows on Investigation Discovery (great network) you see shows all the time about a woman who gets dumped and then takes that disappointment out on her man and his new woman. Alicia sounds like she might be a step away from that.

img_9912Alicia Keys showing in this beautiful song and great video, that you can have style, class and substance. Not you don’t have to go-out-of-your-way to show that you’re cool or awesome with an explosive personality and knack for catch phrases and wearing loud outfits and land your now reality show from that, but having nothing upstairs. Not real talent and intelligence to go with your style. Alicia has everything as far as voice, the ability to write and deliver music, but also to look and sound great doing her music. She sings and plays the piano and she also writes. But she’s beautiful, adorable, sexy and stylish, as she’s performing all of these talents.

This is a great song as far as the lyrics, the voice, the message, but also the video. She looks incredible in those black Levis. Similar to how Janet Jackson basically looks like a fashion model every time she’s out and performs in her Levis, because of how great she looks in them. Alicia a beautiful singer, because she has a great voice, but is always beautiful singing her music. She’s a diva in the best sense of the word, because on her style, but also because she always has a  real message behind her beauty and always has something important and intelligent to say.

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The Freshman
This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Times 

I’m not going to say The Freshman is a bad movie, because I don’t think it is. I guess I could lie about that, but I’m not, but it is certainly a very overrated preppy kind of snobby movie. With a lot of cheesy writing, especially considering this movie is at least partially about a Italian-American gangster played by Marlin Brando, or former gangster. And movies like that don’t tend to sound so Connecticut or upper Manhattan. They don’t tend to sound so preppy and snobby and upper class Anglo-Saxon, but this movie does at least to me. But this is one scene that I liked and it had mostly to do with Penelope Ann Miller. Who is a very funny actress and looks great in this leather suit I guess with the jacket and skirt.


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Ayesha Omar
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times

I’ll be honest and say that I have no idea who the hell Ayesha Omar is. If someone told me that they were shooting their girlfriend in Miami, Florida and she is a local school teacher in Cleveland or some place. I would believe him, I mean why wouldn’t I. Because again I have no idea who Ayesha Omar is. When I saw this video I looked her up on Google to get a better idea who she is. And all I really saw was several photos of her and that she is from Pakistan and is a Pakistani actress. But from just seeing her in this video wants me to see more of her. Because she looks like someone who would make a very sexy beautiful biker chick and perhaps could do a lot more. So hopefully I’ll get to see more of her in the future.

Dalvash: Pakistani Actress Ayesha Omar Playing a Biker Chick

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