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Lou Dobbs
This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times

I don’t know where Lou Dobbs gets the 40% figure, but that fact is that deportation of illegal immigrants in the United States are up and at record levels. Just look at the numbers from U.S. Department of Homeland Security. And as far as the bogus amnesty figure that the far-right likes to throw out there. Amnesty would be if we granted all 10-15M illegal immigrants in this country American citizenship or legal residency, just for being in the country. Which no one serious in this debate is suggesting should be offered.

Under comprehensive immigration reform, the illegal immigrants would have to pay a fine for living in the country illegally. Based on how long they’ve lived in this country illegally. And have to pay back taxes for any back taxes they may owe at the federal, state and local levels. And would be probational residents in this country for at least ten years and have to meet certain standards. Just to stay and live in the country, like holding a job, paying their taxes, not committing felonies.

And payoff the fine that they owe. So unless you don’t understand the word amnesty or are simply using it to score political points, you can’t seriously call this plan amnesty in a credible way. Because you’re calling it something that it isn’t either through ignorance or being dishonest. And trying to make the case that these illegal immigrants shouldn’t be in the country anyway. Whether they came to the country legally or not.


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Such Good Friends
This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Times

This sounds like a hell of a script. A women who finds out her ailing husband has cheated on her and decides to get revenge on him by going out with his friends. It also sounds like a very funny movie, especially considering Dyan Cannon is the lead actress and she’s so adorable and funny to begin with. I mean think about it, the wife of a very wealthy man who will never have to work a day in her life. Just as long as she’s married to this man and doesn’t screw that up. Just screws him without hurting him. Whose husband is now in the hospital with a rare and perhaps fatal condition. A man whose given her so much. And how does she take his serious condition? Does she freak out and spend time with her family and seek their support? No! She goes into his little black book to see who he’s been socializing with. And decides the best thing to do is not to make sure that her husband can get the best care that he can. But to get try to get revenge on him by sleeping with his friends while her husband is in the hospital. Except for the obvious physical attraction, I’m glad this women is not my wife.


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