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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times

Ben Affleck, taking another stand for Big Government!

I could just imagine him running for office as a wannabe politician and imagine what his campaign message would be. He would say something to the effect, “if you think you have too much freedom and privacy in your life and have too many decisions to make, vote for Ben Affleck. Because I would support policies to take all of that freedom and privacy away from you.

“Vote for Ben Affleck and you won’t even have to worry about your private parts being to private. Because I would appoint Dick Grabbing to run TSA for us. And he would take care of that for you. And he and his Dick Grabbers will be there to make sure your private parts are never too private at the airport.”

Now imagine that for a campaign theme. Americans For Big Government and the Nanny State Alliance and Americans For Outlawing Freedom and Privacy, would endorse Mr. Affleck faster than snow melts in Los Angeles in July.Paul J. Watson: Real Time With Bill Maher- Ben Afflecks Defends TSA Dick Grabbing



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Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times  

Where they got the title of this video of “sucking Michael Jackson hot white”, I have no idea. Because this video has absolutely nothing to do with Michael Jackson. It is simply a beautiful brunette sitting on the stool on her cell phone from late 2008. In a tank top and skinny denim jeans. And she looks great, but the video is short, but what she get to see from her is pretty sexy.

Again a beautiful baby-face brunette on her phone with beautiful legs and a nice butt in skinny denim jeans. I wish I knew the jeans brand, but a very attractive woman. But this video has nothing to do with Michael Jackson. It is simply a very attractive women sitting on her stool pretending to be on the phone.

Cowie 74H: Sexy Woman on The Phone


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