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Big Government Republican

Imagine if President Obama said he wanted more Americans on Public Assistance. Instead of in Higher Education, imagine how the Right Wing would’ve reacted. They would’ve called Barack Obama a Socialist, see we’ve been right all along. Barack Obama is a Socialist. He wants more people in America dependent on government. Instead of taking care of themselves, he wants to transform America into Europe.

Rick Santorum and the rest of the Right Wing can’t have it both ways and be credible. If you believe Higher Education and being Self Sufficient is the right thing. Instead of being dependent on Public Assistance. Something they’ve been saying for eighty years if not longer. Then you can’t say well thats a bad idea now, just because someone you don’t like agrees with you. What you should be saying instead, is that Government Dependence is bad and we need more people working. In America paying their own bills, instead of living off of people who do. Even Barack Obama understands this, we’ve been right all along.

People simply for the most part unless they are an athlete or entertainer. Can’t make it on their own in America, with just a High School diploma. Are economy is just too advanced now, people need Higher Education. And get those extra skills just to have a good chance of getting a good job in this country. Which is something that President Obama was acknowledging and Rick Santorum doesn’t understand.


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