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Source: Chicago Tribune: Opinion- Kathleen Parker: Rick Santorum, President Obama’s Dream Opponent

Imagine this. You’re a member of the Opposition Party, facing a President that has presided over the Great Recession. The worst recession we’ve had since the Great Depression of the 1930s. You’re facing a President that’s also presided over a fairly modest if not weak economic recovery. We are still growing at around 2% GDP with 8.2$ unemployment. We now have a national debt that’s larger than our economy. We now have a budget deficit that’s 13% of our GDP and we have the highest poverty rate in twenty years.

The up incoming presidential election is almost completely about the economy. At least to Independent voters that will decide the presidential election. So all you need is a presidential nominee that can talk economics and communicate a plan back to strong economic growth. And bring down our high unemployment rate. You do that and ask the question, “are you better off today, then you were four years ago?” You win the presidential election by 5-10 points and take Congress with you.

I just laid out the perfect storm for how Republicans should be able to win back the White House. But the problem is we are dealing with a Republican Party that’s now dominated by religious and Neoconservatives that believe gay marriage and pornography are bigger threats to the country, than terrorism or the weak economic recovery. They don’t live in the same world as sane people. They care more about ideological purity than they do winning presidential elections. Someone who represents their Far-Right big government political ideology. Than winning the presidential election and doing what’s in the best interest of the country.

Which is the whole reason why Rick Santorum is seen as a serious contender for the presidential nomination. When thirty years ago he would’ve been seen as nothing more than a Far-Right presidential candidate, like Pat Robertson. Like an escaped mental patient who wondered into a political convention and just got this vision that he was President of the United States and got someone to fill out the paperwork for him.

But the problem with the GOP today is that they have more Pat Robertson’s than Barry Goldwater’s or Ron Reagan’s, when it comes to social Issues and national security. Sure, the Far-Right has it’s presidential candidate. And a competitive shot at winning the presidential nomination. The problem for the GOP is most of the country isn’t part of the Far-Right. And someone like a Rick Santorum would have a hard time winning 45% of the vote. And would kill the GOP’s chances of retaining the House and winning back the Senate.


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Progressive Activists

Based on Where the Top 1 Percent Lives, the Occupy Crowd Should Be Protesting Against Big Government.

Why would Progressives occupy something they love is the question I get from this. Progressives aren’t going to protest against Big Government but part of their protests. Have to do with that they don’t think the Federal Government is big enough. They want Big Government in America, thats their Alternative Agenda. To what they see as Corporatism that they believe is occupying both the Democratic and Republican Parties. Occupying both Liberal Democrats like the President and the Democratic Leadership. And Conservative Republicans and the Republican Leadership.

Progressive Democrats and other Democratic Socialists would like to blow up Corporate America. And replace it with Socialist America, where we would still have a large Private Sector. But where the Public Sector would be much bigger. Have a much larger hold on our wallets. Providing us with Public Services that they don’t trust the Private Sector to provide.

So of course Occupy Wall Street and other Progressives aren’t going to occupy Big Government. Because thats what they want to use as the alternative to American Capitalism. But they are going to occupy what they see as the current problem in America. Including Democrats and Republicans.

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Mr. Right eludes the GOP.

The Republican Party certainly doesn’t have “Mr. Right” to lead their Party. Ronald Reagan died in 2004 and left the Presidency in 1989. And so has Classical Conservatism to a large extent in the Republican Party as well. Ron Paul is the closest thing they have to Mr. Right, except for Foreign Policy. He’s not a Classical Conservative but a Libertarian which is close but different. And in today’s Religious and Neoconservative Republican Party. Jane Fonda might have just as good of chance at winning the Republican Nomination. Then Ron Paul.

But the GOP does have Mr. Far Right. Mr. Big Government Republican himself in Rick Santorum. Who each day seems to come up with aother way to make Uncle Sam more powerful. And the American People less freer with all the new restrictions. He would like to impose on us, the latest having to do with Heavy Metal music, gambling, condoms and Birth Control. So if your on the Far Right, and defending those values. Is even more important to you, then having even a snowballs chance in hell of winning back the Presidency. Then Rick Santorum is your candidate Mr. Far Right, the Big Government Republican.

The Republican Party needs to go back to the future and be the Classical Conservative Party. That Barry Goldwater built and Ron Reagan built his revolution on. And bring back Libertarians and Conservative Independents that are fed up with its Big Government politics. Or they are going to shrink and become a Far Right Third Party.

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Independent Conservative

Gov. Buddy Roemer Goes Independent.

Buddy Roemer represents what the Republican Party looked like and represented 20-30 years ago. A Fiscally Conservative Party that believed in strong defense. But was even Fiscally Conservative on defense, that you didn’t spend money on defense. Just to spend money there and limited waste all over the Federal Government. Including in the Defense Department and that you were either tolerant or actually Conservative on Social Issues. That Social Conservatism was about Conserving Social Freedom. Not trying to restrict it, that Big Government shouldn’t be in our wallets or bedrooms.

This is Buddy Roemer’s politics and exactly why he doesn’t play well in the Republican Party. Thats now moved from being a Classical Conservative Party. To a Religious and Neoconservative Party. Buddy Roemer’s Political Hero is Ronald Reagan. Not Pat Robertson or Rush Limbaugh and was elected to the House in 1980. As part of the Reagan Revolution and thats his problem in the GOP. That today would consider Barry Goldwater and Ron Reagan Liberals.

Buddy Roemer is also against Special Interest groups running Washington. Buying Members of Congress and running the city and if you don’t do things our way. We’ll fund your opponent who will or give you a Primary Challenger who will. And why GOV. Roemer simply doesn’t play well in the Republican Party any longer. And exactly why GOV. Roemer should be running for President as a Independent Conservative. Or run for President for the Reform Party or Independence Party.

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Illinois Medicaid

Illinois to feds: Enough!.

I agree with Illinois here, think about it, they have a Democratic Governor. And we have a Democratic President, so Illinois should have some credibility here. Medicaid the Government Health Insurer for the poor, working and otherwise. Is an example of Big Government Gone Wild and the Federal Government trying to run by themselves. Or direct how this program is run but force the States, including Illinois. Without the resources, which is what an Unfunded Mandate is. So what Illinois is asking is for something very basic, being able to go after Illinois Medicaid Cheaters on their own. And not have to ask Uncle Sam permission to blow their nose. They are in the State where this Medicaid Fraud is happening. Its costing Illinois money and they want their money back. Money that Uncle Sam obviously is not going to reimburse them. He has his own debt and deficit issues to deal with. And so does Illinois, just passing a large Middle Class Tax Hike in 2011.

What we should do with Medicaid, is turn it over to the States. And let them set up their own Medicaid Systems. That would have to meet basic Federal Standards and would be regulated by the Feds. But where the Feds would no longer have a role in running the program. Again the main problem with Medicaid is that its an Unfunded Mandate. So we also need to make to Self Financed, which would save the States a lot of money. Money they could use for education, Infrastructure Investment. Law Enforcement, Tax Cuts etc, money they don’t have now because of their Medicaid Costs. So we can make Medicaid Self Financed, by having its customers and their employers. Pay for it, expand the Earned Income Tax Credit. So these Low Income workers can finance their share of their Medicaid Costs. Unemployed Consumers of Medicaid would get their Public Assistance checks. Expanded to cover their Medicaid Costs and an additional Healthcare Credit.

Medicaid doesn’t work as well as it should, because its a Centralize Unfunded Mandate. Which is how programs were designed back in the Great Society era. And we need to fix both of those issues in order to make Medicaid as efficient as possible.

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Actor Jimmy Stewart

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Financing Fannie and Freddie’s Failures: Newsroom: The Independent Institute.

If you want to know what monopolies are, then look no further then Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. By far the two largest Mortgage Insurance and Housing Lenders in the United States and probably the World. With a Net Worth together, somewhere in the neighborhood of 4T$. That went under in 2008, just before the Federal Government took control of them. To prevent them from going under, which would’ve meant 4T$ out of the economy. And people losing their Mortgage Insurance and loans. Fannie and Freddie are what are known as Government Sponsored Enterprises. Basically Non Profit Corporations that were created by the Federal Government. And to a certain extent owned by them but are operated Independently of the Federal Government. And are Self Financed, the US Postal Service is essentially a GSE as well as Amtrak. We couldn’t afford to let Fannie and Freddie go under, with its current Management Structure. But we really can’t afford to keep them in place, with their current Management Structure as well.

Fannie and Freddie are two corporations that have been Semi Private. Again with a combine Net Worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 4T$. The largest corporations in the World. So if they go down they bring a lot of people and money with them. What should be done with both of them, is break them up into. Fifty different Non Profit Mortgage Lenders and Insurers each, that would be private but tightly regulated. Meaning they would have to stay as Non Profits and meet the same rules and regulations. As other corporations that provide the same services. This way if one of these company’s gets into trouble. They wouldn’t bring down the whole economy with them. Because of being worth roughly 20% of the economy each, as they are now. They would be worth roughly 50B$ or less then 1/3 of 1%. So if they were to go down or go through bankruptcy. It wouldn’t devastate the economy, if they were in trouble today. Let each State have a Fannie and Freddie, with their own Managements and Board of Directors.

Fannie and Freddie can’t succeed the way they are set up now and we can’t afford to let them fail either. But there is a role for Non Profits in the Banking Sector, to provide some competition. And so people can get loans and insurance that they can afford. Without their lender and insurer raising their rates. Just to make a few more bucks.

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