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Source: The Independent Institute: Alexander Tabborak- The Innovation Nation vs. the Warfare-Welfare State: Newsroom: The Independent Institute

If you add up the size of the United States Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Defense Budget. It adds up to over 2T$ a year in a Federal Budget pushing 4T$. And in an economy of 15T$. Which leaves about 2T$ in the Federal Budget for the rest of its priorities. Things like Infrastructure Investment where the US Core of Engineers estimates we need about 1T$ alone. In expansion and in repairs, I’m not calling for a larger Federal Budget. To go with what we already have but what I’m saying that in especially with the size of our debt and deficit. We need to do a much better job with our limited resources in how we fund the things that. We should be doing and cutting back in the areas we should be spending less. Or not be spending at all, especially in the Defense Budget, Safety Net and Tax Code. Running a Safety Net thats over 2T$ a year alone, that could be run better if it was run differently. A Defense Budget where we defend Developed Countries all over the World. That can afford to defend themselves and a Tax Code where we give out Corporate Welfare.

We need an Economic System that still encourages quality education, hard work and production. That still rewards those things with our low Tax Rates  but where we empower people who get left behind. Because they didn’t have access to a quality education or made mistakes early in life. The ability to get off of Public Assistance or leave their Low Income Low Skilled jobs. By going back to school and getting a good education and Job Training. So they can become Self Sufficient, as well as a better Education System. So less people fall behind in the future because they were able to get a good education early on. With things like rewarding educators for the job that they do. Not how long they’ve been doing them. Where parents can send their kids to the school based on what’s the best school for them. Not based on where they live and Infrastructure System. So we have good enough roads and bridges, so people can get around but also so they aren’t falling apart.

Going forward we need a Safety Net thats decentralized and where the Federal Government is not trying to run everything. That empowers people that only need it and is as close to the people who do need it as possible. I would turn the entire Federal Safety Net over to the States. And have them convert their version of these programs. Into Semi Private Non Profit Community Services, that are design to only empower the people who need them. Pull all of our troops out of Developed Nations that can afford to defend themselves. Rip up the Federal Tax Code and start over and eliminate all of the Corporate Welfare in it. We could save the Federal Budget over 2T$ a year alone to do that. Encourage our Public Education Systems to start rewarding good educators, firing or retraining Low Performing educators. Public School Choice so the parents could decide where they send their kids to school. And a Public Infrastructure System that does the 1T$ in repairs and expansion that the country needs. With a National Infrastructure Bank thats Independent of the Federal Government and Self Financed.

America does not need to be like Scandinavia to get our debt and deficit under control. Or to fix our economy, we don’t need a Democratic Socialist System. But we do need to get back to American Capitalism and Liberal Democracy. That rewards quality education, hard work and production and empowers the people left behind. To become Self Sufficient, that has a limited Foreign Policy. That recognizes the limits of American Power and best utilizes the assets that we have instead. And we can continue to be a Superpower but we can’t stay that way indefinitely. Unless we fix what’s broke with our country.


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Socialists USA

Socialists USA

Source: Socialist Party USA: Paulie Frankel- Socialist Party Response to The State of The Union

Democratic Socialists and even Socialists who today call themselves Progressives in America at least since the turn of the 21st Century and back since the Progressive Era in American politics, have been talking about the need for not only democratic socialism in America to make America more like Canada and Europe. But the need for more democratic socialism in America, again to make America more like Canada or Europe. For the need for not only big government socialism in America, but for a more centralized Federal Government in America.

Again more like Canada and Europe, “so we can have a Federal Government big enough to meet the needs of the American people”. To do the things that Progressives doesn’t trust the private sector to do. Things like health care, health insurance, education, infrastructure investment, banking system, pensions etc. And the need to have the tax revenue and taxes high enough to fund this big government. One of the problems that Socialists have had in America is that they haven’t been united, they’ve basically all had the same message. But have been spread across the country in different socialist parties, as well as being in the Democratic Party.

If Social Democrats were to unite in American politics and be unified, they would have one united vision, coming from one Socialist Party. And be able to have the members to at some point depending on how well they build their party, to at some point break the backs of the two-party system in American politics. And take on Democrats and Republicans and even beat them at some point the Progressive Caucus in the Democratic Party. Which is basically a political party within a political party.

Social Democrats aren’t Liberal Democrats, believers in liberal democracy. But Social Democrats believers in social democracy as we see in Europe. You start with them, bring fifty or so U.S. Representatives that make up the Progressive Caucus in the House. The 3-5 U.S. Senators in the Senate, bring in the Progressive Party . Bring in the Democratic Socialist Party, the Green Party, progressive Independents, you would start off the bat with about sixty members of Congress. Perhaps 10-20% of the voting public right off the bat. And a Progressive Party to build on.

What you have now with the social democratic movement in American politics, is that they are spread out over several different political parties. And what happens is that they compete with each other for votes. Instead of competing with Democrats and Republicans for votes and elections. And they end up dividing their own Movement. But together into one Progressive Party, they would have the members and votes. To take on Democrats and Republicans in the future.
The White House: 2012 State of The Union Address

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Source: Chicago Tribune: Editorial- A Change For Better Treatment

Our Mental Hospitals in America have been historically been underfunded and today are still are. And with the “Great Recession”, its become even harder to fund our Mental Institutions. As well as Out Care that Mental Patients get when they are not institutionalized. Because our Mental Hospitals tend to not be Self Financed. And the revenue that comes to fund these Hospitals, generally has to come out of General Revenue. From governments and because of the “Great Recession”, funding our Mental Hospitals. Has become even more difficult to finance, especially since they have to compete with other Public Services. That have already been cut themselves. Like Infrastructure Investment, Public Education, Law Enforcement, Public Safety and other priorities. And some governments like in Illinois, because they are so financially strapped. Have looked to other ways in order to fund their Mental Health in Illinois. Like transferring some of their Mental Patients to Private Facilities. Where they can get their care there and have closed some of their own Public Mental Hospitals as a result.

So what we need to do with our Mental Health System, is to make it Self Financed. So it funds itself, especially for people who have to be institutionalized. Doing things like requiring all Health Insurers in the United States. Whether they are Private or Public, to have to cover Mental Health. This alone would make it easier to fund our Mental Hospitals. For our Mental Patients who can afford their stay in a Mental Hospital. Out of pocket or their family can afford to pay for it. Have those people pick up the costs for their Mental Health or their relatives Mental Health. Have all Mental Patients that are in Mental Hospitals. That can’t afford to stay in a Mental Hospital, whether its private or public. Let them be eligible for Public Assistance, things like Unemployment, Welfare or Disability Insurance. Or for their employer, if they still have a job. Have them pay these patients, lets say up to a year in salary. So these Patients can cover their stay in a Mental Hospital. Allow Mental Patients to also be eligible for things like Medicaid or Medicare. Food Assistance and other Public Assistance. To cover their stay in a Mental Hospital.

There are ways that we can better fund our Mental Health System in America. That doesn’t eat resources from other Public Services or doesn’t force us. To cut to the bone when it comes to delivering quality Mental Health. Or force our Mental Health System to compete with other Public Services. When it comes to revenue, by just making our Mental Health System Self Financed.

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Obama’s justices.

Progressive Democrats on the Far Left have criticized President Obama. For not being “Progressive Enough” or not being a Socialist. They were expecting Barack Obama to govern like a Democratic Socialist. Someone like Bernie Sanders or Dennis Kucinich. They wanted President Obama to be the next President Rossevelt. Which is ironic because they supported Barack Obama for President not Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader. So they made a Political Calculation, back the guy who best represented their politics. But who also get Elected President, the Far Right doesn’t like President Obama. Because they see him as a Socialist, someone like Sen. Bernie Sanders. Someone who’s admired the Community Activist Saul Alinsky, who was a Socialist. Anytime a Public Official gets hit by both the Far Left and Far Right. They are probably in pretty good shape politically . Because they are probably in the mainstream and in good shape to get reelected. Which is where President Obama obviously wants to be. It probably means your even Dead Center politically or Center Left or Center Right.

As a Liberal Democrat myself and not a Centrist, I believe the President has been very solid. On Economic and Foreign Policy, especially considering the situations he inherited. Its on Social Issues where I wish President Obama was more Liberal. On some things he’s gone way too far, like with the War on Drugs, Patriot  Act and Indefinite Detention. And in one area where he promised too much, like with closing Guantanamo Bay Prison. Which was a bad play on his part, he should’ve known better. But he’s been very good on Gays in the Military, Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. And on DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, refusing to defend that in court.

For me as a Liberal Democrat, President Obama has certainly not been perfect. I consider him to be a Moderate Liberal, I wish he was more like President Bill Clinton. Stronger them President Carter but closer to Carter then Clinton. But he has appointed two great Supreme Court Justices. Who may over rule him on some of these Social Issues. Where he’s angered Liberals and Libertarians .

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Would today’s GOP elect Reagan?.

When Ronald Reagan was President of the United States and running for that job. As well as Governor of California and speaking in favor of Conservative Republicans. Like Barry Goldwater and others, thats what the Republican Party was. And actual Conservative Party, not a Religious or Neoconservative Party. As its now, with some exceptions but a Conservative Party. And thats different, they use to be about Individual Liberty, Limited Government and the US Constitution. And they didn’t put things like National Security and National Morality over. Individual Liberty, Limited Government and the US Constitution. As they do now, again with a few exceptions. Like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Sen. Mike Lee, Jon Huntsmen and a few others.

So when today’s Religious and Neoconservatives of the World. Like Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann and others, speak in favor of Ron Reagan. They are not speaking in favor of his politics. before Reagan became President. He described his politics as Libertarians, thats not what today’s Republicans speak in favor of. But they speak in favor of Ron Reagan’s ability to connect with American Voters. And want to be associated with that, not Reagan’s Politics.

Thanks to George W. Bush and the Christian Right, the old Conservative Republican and their Leaders. Were kicked out of power, so someone like Sen. John McCain. Who twenty years ago would’ve been considered a Conservative Republican. And one of the Leaders of that Movement in Congress, today gets called a Moderate Republican. Because he doesn’t fit into with todays Christian and Neo Right. Ron Reagan like Barry Goldwater, not only couldn’t get Nominated for President today. But I believe they would both of left the party.

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Anderson looks to harness American frustration in presidential bid | ksl.com.

The Justice Party is another Progressive Third Party to go along with the. The actual Progressive Party, the Democratic Socialist Party. The Green Party and I would argue the Progressive Caucus and their allies. Inside of the Democratic Party, all of these Progressive Parties. Are Democratic Socialist Parties, all believing in heavy Federal Government Intervention. Into the Economy with high Tax Rates and Regulations to fund what they want. A European Style Welfare State to provide the Human Services. That they don’t trust the Private Sector to perform. Like with Health Insurance, Healthcare, Pensions, Retirement, Higher Education and so fourth. So when Rocky Anderson a Justice Party Presidential Candidate. Says his Presidential Campaign is about speaking to the people. He’s really speaking to the 10-15% of the country that believes in Progressive Politics. Not the 40% of the country that believes in Independent Politics. And doesn’t trust either the Democratic or Republican Parties.

The Two Party System in America thats suppose to represent the Liberal and Conservative Movements in America. Doesn’t do a very good job of that, because this country is so much more Politically Diverse then that. We have not only Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians, Progressives, Neoconservatives, Independents and Theocrats in it. All big enough Political Factions to support their own Political Party. And why we need a Liberal Party that would be the Democratic Party. A Conservative Party made up of the Republican Party. A Libertarian Party made up of the, well the Libertarian Party. If you guessed that, you would be correct. A Progressive Party made up of not only, well the Progressive Party. If you guessed that you would be 2-2 so far. But also the Democratic Socialist Party, Green Party and Justice Party. And an Independence Party made up Pragmatic Liberals, Libertarians, Conservatives and Centrists. That are about governing not Partisan Fighting. To represent the 40% of the Independent Vote. To have a Political System thats truly represented America.

American Progressives should look to unite and form their own Political Party. That would be big and powerful enough to challenge both Democrats and Republicans. Instead of being scattered around in several different Third Parties. And we also need an Independence Party that can speak for the largest Voting Block in America. Independents who are fed up with our Two Party Political System.

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In 2011 the Orioles had another disappointing high 90 lost last place finish where they looked like they had a pretty decent team going into 2011, that was at least going to be able to score a lot of runs with a good young pitching staff, but where they got very little from Vlad Guerrero and Derek Lee their top two free agent signings from 2011. They got very little from the 1B and DH, two hitters in the Middle of their Lineup.

RF Nick Markakis had another off-year. 3B Mark Reynolds was a good surprise leading the club in HR and RBI. SS JD Hardy had a big year both defensively and at the plate. C Chad Wieters had another solid season at the plate and catching, making the All Star team. And is probably the best all around C at least in the American League right now. But starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie who was solid, but got very little run support.

Brian Matusz had a down year and took a step back. Zack Britton was up and down like a lot of young starting pitchers. The Orioles bullpen was inconsistent, sometimes very good and then they could be bad as well. In 2012 for the Orioles to compete in the AL East probably the best Division in MLB, they need to pick up an all around 1B both offensively and defensively. They need a new full-time DH and then they can replace both Guerrero and Lee.

Nick Markakis has to bounce back and they probably need another starting and relief pitcher for them to be able to compete in the AL East and play for a 500 or Winning Season. After 14 straight Losing Seasons and a lot of these free agents are either gone or out of reach and they haven’t filled most of their holes yet and they don’t have the people down on the farm that can fill these holes at least in 2012.

So you’re looking at making some last-minute trades, without giving up too much of what you already have. And I don’t see that happening, so unless something big happens, the 2012 Baltimore Orioles are looking at another down year. Where they struggle just to get to the 70 win mark. Which won’t make any Orioles fans happy, I’m being one of them.

When you have a good young club and you’re just a few pieces away from being a winner and a serious competitor and you know you just have to fill a few holes to make that happen and you can become winners again. For the first time since 1997, you have to be aggressive and be aggressive early on. To let other clubs know you’re going to compete to be good. And potential players that you’re interested in that you’re serious. So they will want to play for you and the Orioles haven’t been doing that for a long time.
Baltimore Orioles

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