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Glenn Beck
Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times

Glen Beck is right that the Progressive Caucus in Congress and their allies in America want profits to at least be limited. Where some industry’s even get nationalized, or where there’s at least public options to them. Health care would get nationalized, Medicare would be the only health insurer in America and perhaps private hospitals would be nationalized as well. Or there would at least be a Federal health care system with Federal hospitals and clinics. Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, managed to get public funding for community health clinics in the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

Under a democratic socialist system in America, the banking system would either be nationalized, or for-profit banks would become illegal. And there would be Federal Banks. Private schools would probably get nationalized, or the entire education system in America would be nationalized. Whatever is left of the private sector if the Green Party, or Democratic Socialist Party ever came to power in America, would be highly taxed and regulated with strict limits on profits. There would be strict limits on how much individuals could make. And when they go over at, the Federal Government would collect that money in taxes.

And all of this money would go to fund a vast welfare or superstate looking something like they have in Sweden. Or it would trump that, paying for everything from health care, health insurance, Unemployment Insurance, retirement, education. All things provided for by the Federal Government, none of it free by the way. With tax rates ranging from 25-90% if not higher like back in the 1950s. Where Glen Beck goes off the deep end to the point where he’s drowning in his own hot water, (you can’t drown in Hot Air) is lumping Barack Obama and his Administration in with the Progressive Caucus/Party.

Beck is right about the basic goals of the Democratic Socialist movement. But wrong that the entire Democratic Party is in favor of it. It’s only a faction maybe 20% of the party that believes in this agenda. Which is a good thing otherwise I wouldn’t be a Democrat. Glen Beck has a habit of making good points and speaking out of his ass in the same editorial. He’s like a doctor making a brilliant diagnosis about someone with a bad back who doesn’t feel any pain. Even though they were injured and this person has had a back for a long time. But then the doctor gives a speech about nuclear energy something he knows nothing about. He diagnosis’s the wrong problems and issues.

Glen Beck has a pretty good idea about democratic socialism in America. But knows very little about the Democratic Party, except the Socialists in it. That again only make up around 20% of a very large party. Its like someone who thinks they can be a great football coach, because they watch the games on TV. And have the opportunity to say that didn’t work, they should’ve done this instead. And then they get a chance to coach and have no idea what to call, or why their calls didn’t work. People should just speak to what they know about, which for Glen Beck is probably only a few subjects.

Glen Beck is no more an expert on the Democratic Party a party I’m a member of and I’m a Liberal Democrat by the way, not what’s called a Progressive Democrat, that I call Democratic Socialists, then Sarah Palin is an expert on anything important. But lets use foreign policy for the sake of time. And he should just speak to the subjects that he understands like socialism and libertarianism. And let people who understand liberalism and the Democratic Party like myself analyze those things. And I won’t try to analyze nuclear physics or engineering subjects, because I know basically nothing about as well.


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“I’m not a Newt Gingrich fan in the sense that I would ever vote for him. I’m a Liberal Democrat in the real sense of the term. And Newt i…”

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times

I’m not a Newt Gingrich fan in the sense that I would ever vote for him. I’m a Liberal Democrat in the real sense of the term. And Newt is a conservative on most things but has neoconservative leanings on the War on Terror that I don’t like. But on the economic policy issues, the War on Poverty and other social welfare issues, I tend to respect Newt and even agree with him from time to time. He’s got a lot of baggage that will probably prevent him from being President of the United States and even the Republican nominee. Unless there’s a new Newt like there was a new Nixon in 1968. There’s some positive aspect about him we don’t know about yet. Like he’s grown up as a campaigner and a manager and can avoid making cheap mistakes that could ruin his presidential campaign. But the reasons for his success right now, are what people like about him. He loves to speak to people individually, he speaks his mind.

Newt loves and is very good about retail politics. He’s very provocative, his positions and answers are not poll driven. He probably doesn’t have much of a budget for polls right now to begin with. Which could change quickly if Newt were to win Iowa, but we are still four weeks away from that. But Newt is doing what really works for him, which is speak to the people. Simply can’t afford to make mistakes right now because of his tight budget, which I believe has benefited him. Because its disciplined his campaign because of the fact that he can’t afford to make mistakes right now. So his tight budget is actually paying off for Newt right now.

Newt’s path to the Republican nomination in 2012, knockout a heavy favorite and heavy financed frontrunner in Mitt Romney. Which is something a lot if not of a consensus of the Republican Party would like to see. And a lot of Democrats would like to see, is to first avoid any further big mistakes. Don’t take any positions that you have to change later, don’t run away or try to cover up things from the past. When facts about his past come up, especially bad ones, acknowledge them and say you were wrong. Don’t try to cover them up. No more ethics violations, dig deep to get all of those out in the public. Obviously don’t commit any new ones. Newt is leading right now because of the debates and his retail politicking.

And Newt has done well in his press conferences. He should put his new and provocative policy positions on the table. Newt does well when his campaign is about his ideas not his past, because then he’s on the defensive. He’s been in politics for over thirty years in one capacity or another. As far as the Republican primary’s, Newt’s Path to the Republican nomination, is win Iowa or New Hampshire. Both is preferable and puts him in excellent shape in South Carolina and with fundraising. If Newt wins Iowa or New Hampshire and finishes a strong second in the other primary and someone other than Mitt Romney wins the other primary, like Ron Paul, Newt is still in good shape going into South Carolina. So would the other Republican primary winner, because then Mitt Romney has to go full-out in South Carolina to save his campaign, taking on two strong contenders that he trails. Thats Newt Gingrich’s path to the Republican nomination for President.

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Glenn Beck
This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times

I believe in Glen Beck Land or Glen Beck America, that we would go back to the days pre-New Deal, Progressive Era. And we essentially go back to being a libertarian nation. Where we are all on our own and when we need assistance, we get it through private charity. What he’s forgetting is back in those days, African-Americans were treated basically like Colonial Americans. Before the United States was formed, even though they were American as anyone else in America. Except for American-Indians. Their constitutional rights were not enforced under law or enforced equally.

So progressivism has made at least some positive reform in America. And no I’m going to interpret whether Mr. Beck believes if its okay for African-Americans to be treated like second class citizens or not. Let him do that for himself. We had of course had the Great Depression of the 1930s, which lasted at least through the 1930s. The New Deal did not pull us out of it, our involvement in World War II did that. But what the New Deal did and no one including myself would design the New Deal, the same way today as back then, was give the Great Depression a floor and allow of the economy to start recovering.

I would’ve not of given the Federal Government all of that power. To run the safety net and instead empower the states and private sector with that responsibility. Same thing with the Great Society in the 1960s. But what the New Deal and Great Society did was at least give people in need some floor of income that they could rely on. When they are out of work and that sort of thing. But of course none of those programs would’ve been designed the same way today by anyone.

The Glen Beck World that he talked about before the Progressive Era had some advantages. As we were becoming the richest country in the world, thanks to American private enterprise and our natural resources. But it also had some holes in it as well. With all the racial, ethnic and gender discrimination that was going on back in that era. That government let go on and did nothing about. Even though these people had the same constitutional rights in America as Caucasian men. But they were just not being enforced equally, which is how bigotry was able to take place.

Including with things like hate crimes, which is why government was needed to step in. And make this bigotry illegal and try to put a stop to it. And when people were unemployed, or didn’t have enough skills to get a good job and be self-sufficient, unless they were able to get help from private charity, they were out of luck. Which is why the New Deal was created and again I wouldn’t have designed the New Deal the same way.

No one would, but at least it was something that people in need could turn to. Things were definitely done differently pre-Progressive Era, but not exactly better in every sense, sometimes better. And in others like with equal protection, done worse. Sometimes moving forward and progressing as a society can be better, especially since we’ve never lived in a perfect world. Which is why we should always try to get better.


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Randy T. Simmons

Source: This piece was originally posted at FRS Daily Times

Government tends to fail and become inefficient when it tries to do too much. When it tries to get involved in areas that it tends not to be very efficient at. Like regulating how people live their own lives and trying to protect people from themselves. Which is what Neoconservatives and Theocrats believe in and claim that national security is paramount over everything else. And that we need some type of “Moral Code” to govern how people can live their own lives. Even if what they are doing isn’t hurting anyone, including themselves. Just because they don’t like what people are doing with their lives. Or when government tries to get involved into the economy which would be another example of government trying to do too much. Which is what Socialists want to see whether they are looking for government to nationalize private enterprise or not.

Or Social-Democrats want to create a welfare state and have government provide services or leave government to provide services that are traditionally handled by the private sector, because they don’t believe the private sector can be trusted to provide these services, because they have a profit motive. Which is why I’m a Liberal Democrat, because I believe in individual liberty which is what liberalism is about. Not how Conservatives and Libertarians have stereotyped it making it look like democratic socialism. And why I believe in limited government, to limit what government can do. To allow the people to be as free and self-sufficient as possible in living their own lives and only be dependent on government to provide the services that they can’t provide for themselves.

This is why I believe we need a national debate about what the role of Government, especially the Federal Government is. Because that government effects everyone in America and what government’s role should be in America. And why I believe we should have a National Constitutional Convention to figure these things out. What the U.S. Constitution says and means, what the Federal Government is doing today, is what they are doing constitutional or not. And things that they are doing that are constitutional, should they being doing them at all. Or can they be best handled better in the private sector and then limit the Federal Government to the things that they should be doing. That are constitutional and eliminate or cut their role in the things that they shouldn’t be doing. Whether their role there is constitutional or not and perhaps even we’ll find some things. Even though I wouldn’t put any money on that, that they aren’t doing currently that they should be doing . And find a way that they can best perform that role in the most fiscally responsible way possible.

Me personally I believe the role for the Federal Government should be very limited, not as limited as Libertarians, but very limited. And then dramatically cut back its roles in the things that I believe it has too much of a role today. And I would limit the Federal Government to, national security, foreign policy, Federal currency, law enforcement and Regulation. Not even social welfare except for regulating it. I would turn our safety net and I mean all of it, over to the States and then let them set up their own social insurance systems. But then have them convert those programs into semi-private non-profit self-financed community services. And if we had a national debate like this, then we could figure out what the role of government is in America.

The Independent Institute: Beyond Politics-Roots Of Government’s Failure: William Shugart Interviews Randy T. Simmons

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