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Rick Santorum Makes It Official. He’s ‘In It To Win It’ On The Republican Presidential Nomination | Crooks and Liars.

Is there any point in taking Rick Santorum seriously anymore except for maybe when we need and are looking for a good laugh. I mean this is the guy who’s a Devout Catholic who blamed with Catholic Church scandal with their Priests back in 2002 on gays. Now today he says the reason why American Soldiers fought in World War II, so they can have Freedom of Choice in their Health Care. He didn’t mention the fact that they fought in World War II, number one to defend themselves. Number two to defend their Fellow Soldiers and number three to defend their country. Thats why they fought in World War II, its not like guys were telling their wives and family’s. Honey, dad, mom etc, I must fight in World War II so we can continue to have Freedom of Choice in our Health Care! We went to War in World War II to save European Jews from being genocide and two prevent further genocides of jews. To state the obvious it had nothing to do with Health Care or Health Insurance. And for Rick Santorum, by the way how he ever get elected to the US Senate from Pennsylvania. Was the whole State high at an Marijuana Convention on Election Day in 1994. His statement is complete nonsense for lack of a better word.

Rick Santorum who I assume for argument sake means well and I don’t put people down for the fun of it. Contrary to popular opinion, is another example of how weak the GOP Presidential Field of 2012 is. And another example of how the President Obama’s Potential Competition is his best asset. And who thirty years ago would’ve been considered a fringe Far Right Presidential Candidate. Because of his outrageous statements.


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Haley Barbour Urges Conservatives at Reed Event Not to Hold 2012 Presidential Candidates to Purity Test | Video Cafe.

GOV Haley Barbour is right for the GOP and I’m not sure he would put it this way and I don’t pretend to speak for him. But for the GOP to have any shot at winning back the White House in 2012. They are going to have to nominate a Presidential Nominee that at least part of their vast base has issues with. Thats the only way they are going to win the White House in 2012. That means nominating someone who is yes an Economic Conservative but someone who’s probably not a Neo Conservative, when it comes to Foreign Policy and National Security. And someone who’s not a Social Conservative like in the case of Mitt Romney who at least at one point was Pro Choice on abortion and homosexuality. And introduced Civil Unions to America back in 2003-04. The problem with Mitt Romney is that Economic Conservatives don’t like him because of his Health Care Law that looks a lot like the Affordable Care Act of 2010. So thats why Tim Pawlenty is a viable alternative to GOV Romney because he’s an Economic Conservative who at least to this point hasn’t pushed a Social Conservative Agenda in his Presidential Campaign. Which is why candidates like Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin who has a Laundry List of other issues. Which is why she’s not a credible candidate but why these other candidates aren’t serious contenders at this point. Because they push the Social Conservative agenda real hard and look intolerant. And why they would never beat President Obama in 2012.

Social Conservatives in the GOP really belong in their own fringe Far Right Party and not in a major Political Party like the GOP. And if the Republican Party ever gets back to its Conservative Libertarian roots of Limited Government. And moves away from this authoritarian route they’ve been on for twenty years now. They’ll be a major player in American Politics and a Ruling Majority Party that could compete anywhere in the country not just in the Bible Belt. And compete with the Democratic Party in all racial, ethnic and religious groups.

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Source: The American Spectator: Opinion- Sarah Palin to Sean Hannity- I Could Run 3rd Party

It would be a great day for the Republican Party and a bad day for comedians, pundits and bloggers if Sarah Palin left the GOP to run for President. Probably for some Far-Right third-party. She doesn’t have a blizzard’s chance in hell of winning the GOP nomination for president in 2012 and perhaps ever. Because the GOP establishment has essentially told her, perhaps even to her face that she won’t win it. Because they are looking for a presidential nominee that can beat the President and win the White House in 2012.

Which is why Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty look so good to them right now. And why Mitch Daniels had he decided to run for President for 2012, would’ve look so good to them as well. The GOP establishment wants to win in 2012. While the GOP base is looking for a presidential nominee that’s perfect in their mind ideologically. Especially on social issues where Sarah Palin fits in so well with them. Anti-abortion, anti-gay etc, where they don’t trust Mitt Romney. Sarah Palin doesn’t belong in a major political party like the GOP. But at the head of a fringe Far-Right party. And the GOP would be better off if she left them for good.

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Republicans Block Kucinich Proposal For Libya Withdrawal. Boehner: It Would Be Wrong To Pull Out | Crooks and Liars.

I supported American Military Operations in Libya, the No Fly Zone there. That we are part of along with our NATO Ally’s. To end the slaughter there of innocent Libyan Citizens by their own government. But that was over two months ago, with the War Powers Act, the President has the authority to send American Troops into combat. But after two months must get Congressional Approval for our actions there. We’ve been involved there for over two months now, so now its time that the President get approval from Congress, both the House and Senate. And if the President doesn’t officially request it from Congress, then the House should pass one of their own. Either granting President Obama the authority to continue our role in the No Fly Zone there or not. And then send that resolution over to the Senate. Its called Checks and Balances, the President can’t unilaterally commit American Troops into a Foreign War. And keep them there indefinitely on their own, Congress has a role in this and they should step up to the plate on this. If the President doesn’t do so himself.

The President is of course the Commander in Chief and makes the final decisions once we are involved in Military Operations. But Congress has a role in deciding whether we get involved in the First Place or not. And can either fund the operations or cut off funding at any point.

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Brian Matusz

Brian Matusz

Baltimore Sun: Sports: Jeff Zrebiec: Orioles Get Brian Matusz Back, End 5-Game Slide

Overall an excellent day for the Orioles. They get starting pitcher Brian Matusz back, but more importantly they end their five game losing streak against the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field. All coming on the road as they head back to Baltimore. Brian Matusz who’s one of their top pitchers, who someday could be their ace as well as an All Star, who finished off 2010 very strong winning something like eight straight decisions, but then broke his arm in September last year, hopefully bounces back and has a good 2011.

Brian Matusz looked solid considering it was his first appearance since September nine months ago. Solid Start 5.2 Innings, 1 run, 4 hits and most importantly no walks. His command looked excellent and had it not been a 1-1 game in the bottom of the 6th Inning, Matusz would’ve probably been given the opportunity to finish off the 6th Inning and even pitched into the 7th Inning. First start back for the Orioles and Buck Showalter didn’t want to risk the game.

But since the Orioles have struggled so much to score the last six games, including Wednesday, Manager Buck Showalter pulled Matusz from the game. Which was the right decision, the Orioles had lost five straight after getting back to 500 and needed this win badly. To get some momentum going into their three series home stand against Toronto, Tampa and Oakland.

Overall a very solid win for the Orioles, Matusz pitched very well, CF Adam Jones the player of the game with his go ahead and game winning HR as well as preventing an extra base hit that saved at least another run. But more importantly they won the game and snapped their five game losing streak.

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